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Events: A Madonna Odyssey in London

Madonnalicious presents 'A Madonna Odyssey' A benefit night for Stonewall charity....

August 2011 is the Queen of pop's 53rd birthday. It's happening at Soho's uber-infamous Punk nightclub which will be transformed into a four dimensional Madonna interactive installation. A unique collection of live art, photography, electric sculptures, film, performance, video and paintings. All topped off with an international and critically acclaimed line up featuring: The Very Miss Dusty 'O', Chrissy Darling, Dj David Robson, Neil Prince, Tasty Tim, Craig Jones, Vanilla Lush, Baga Chipz, Vicki Vivacious, Magda Prus, Jelena Rozenko, Kizzy Black and Dejay Kurt.

On the night, to raise money for Stonewall charity (working for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals). We will have 'A Madonna Auction' and 'A Madonna Shop' both with extremely rare and valuable collectables that any Madge fan would love to get hold off.

One lady, one legend, only one Queen!
A Madonna Celebrate production.

Tickets will be available to buy from Tuesday 14 June at


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Madonna needs to gain some weight. She looks too skinny, I mean her arms are like little boy arms. Her face is amazing but I dont find any attractive in a woman that look like a teenager. We all know she will never be fat, so what's the point? For a 52, she's amazing but need to look like a woman,not like a hungry girl.


This should be indeed amazing... will the Queen of Pop show up? That woul be extraordinary :-)

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