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Britney Spears' Madonna Burning Up Cover Leaks

In a similar vein to when she performed Alanis Morissette's 'You Outta Know' during her last tour, Britney Spears may have another iconic female in mind for a live cover during her Femme Fatale tour. A studio recording of Britney covering Madonna's 1983 single 'Burning Up' leaked, glammed-up without a hint of the '80s to be found. Despite Madonna's impressive discography, including numerous chart-toppers, Spears chose this single that failed to break the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released, but was a Top 5 Hot Dance Music/Club Play hit.



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Madgey Gaga. I think you might be making an assumption here that people only dislike it because it is originally a Madonna track. Not so. It is a shit cover version. I agree with you, Love Don't live Here anymore was diabolical, however American Pie wasn't, and neither was Fever. However I know people that cringe when they hear her doing I feel Love, and I personally think I want you is bland. I Guess it is all subjective really, isn't it? I completely agree with the comment about this sounding like a karaoke/hen night recording. And it is not because I dislike Britney, it just sounds cheap.


I always liked Britney -- she is what she is. More of a canvas or a vessel than an artist. Anyway, I find it hilarious that this is reportedly for a "live cover" for her tour. Tour goers will likely hear this exact recording. LOL


This is dreadful.


I like Britney but theres a difference between a youthful sound and singing in a babytalk way. If she sounded more clear and strong versus babytalk prostitute it prolly couldhave been good.

Sean in DC

This version is just as annoying as a drunk bridal party.




Any comments from the Britney haters on some of Madonna's dreadful cover versions? M ripped the utter soul and life out of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" - all the pain and angst of the Rose Royce original was destroyed.

"American Pie" was fluff/filler, with a wimpy William Orbit 'twist' to it.

Much of 'Evita' was OK, but her voice didn't have the same power - naturally - as a musical theatre artiste. The true star here, of course, was the actual source material itself, which is brilliant.

"Fever"? Peggy Lee must have turned in her grave.

There have been some highlights, though: totally LOVED "I Feel Love" in 'The Confessions Tour'. Equally, I simply adore "I Want You".

For the record, I am a HUGE M fan, but not a blind one. I praise what I consider good and criticise what I think isn't.

I do, however, get fed up with fans who AUTOMATICALLY slate any covers of M's songs.


loooooooove this Cover <3

nicky o.

like brit alot but this cover doesn't do much for me ,N yes i agree Lady GaGa is arip in many ways especially outfits sometimes but to say she doesn't give Madonna credit is false in her first ablum is thanx bowie and Madonna ,,, i mean if that doesn't say it what does that clears it right there she's influenced by M . Madonna is first n forever queen ,but GaGa is a musical geinus in her own right n althou i love britney some artist don't charge up the ass n lip synce on stage (GaGa/P!nk or Madonna well at least not half or her whole show so it seems sometimes with britney) just saying


Sounds horrendous! Madonna is the original and there is no-one who could possibily do it nearly as good. Madonna you rule the world!!


Radio NRJ here in Québec is playing the leaked Britney version now on the radio!


I happen to like this cover. I'll admit I don't like most Madonna covers, but I think Britney did a good job with this one.


I prefer Madonna's version. Britney's version doesn't have as much energy as Ms. Also, she does weird things with the vocal part that were unexpected. I appreciate the effort. Also, I agree with other people that posted here that said that at least she's upfront about her love for Madonna.


At least she is very open about her obvious love for Madonna, unlike GaGa who ignorantly plagiarises her work and then tries to pass it off as her own. Disgusts me if im honest when its clear for everyone to see who she is emulating!


freaking marvelous!!! Easily my all time favourite madonna track! Great cover!! well done britney! awsome choice!


i dont have anything against Britney...but thats Madonna's song. Madonna sings it a cetain way and it doesnt need to be redone by anybody. Its her song & especially her video...Yum. Its also my main ring tone ;) Luv you Madonna.


I'm usually a Brit fan, but I'm not liking this lifeless cover, she sounds very subpar karaoke here. Of course the glossy electronic production doesn't help matters. It takes the edgy vibe of the original off.




It's the most awfull cover I ahve ever heard let alone she's covering madonna

tracey lee

i rather ave madonna's version.

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