Madonna's tribute to Oprah Winfrey
Liz Smith on Madonna's latest looks


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She looked so beautiful!!!
Madonna's always going to be a beauty...she could wear a paper bag over her head and she'd still be the sexiest thing in the matter what people say about her..they always want to look to her and take note. and then get the "okay" from her and try to go copy it..every female in the biz today...they've all been copying the original..for years!! i'm gonna love her til she's 100. She's The Best. No one will ever compare.


i always wished Oprah had brought up the Truth or Dare moment when she says she wouldn't live in Chicago because Oprah lives there. It would have been a funny moment.

Waleed alawadhi ( kuwait)

Yeah, we need new album right now , its been 3 years now since ard candy , come on madonna , your fans are getting depressed .


Who cares? Make some music instead of wasting time on Oprah

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