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Madonna: No photos, please

Madonna banned photographers from taking pictures of her at a MoMA party Monday night because she 'didn't feel she looked her best,' sources told us.
The newly single star sneaked in through a private entrance sporting black Henry Kissinger-like frames, red lipstick and a black blazer which made her look like a hot grad-school teacher.
Otherwise, it was 'Upstairs, Downstairs' at the party thrown with PS1 and Volkswagen. Madonna, James Franco and A-listers Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono and Marina Abramovic supped on a private balcony while taking in performances by violinist Hahn-Bin and Martha Wainwright. Below, guests invited to the after-party waited and waited for the behind-schedule dinner to wrap. One photographer got fed up and took off. The after-party people chilled in the garden until a downpour began. And Madonna, whose rep didn't get back to us, must have gone back underground.

From the New York Post


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She isn't being ridiculous! Everyone at some point doesn't feel up to being photographed. Whether it be because you don't feel your best or don't feel you look your best. Madonna is one of the most photographed people in the world so as she is always photographed then she should have the right to ask not to be. I think she looks great no matter what but I'm biased. We all have our body image issues and Madonna is no exception so to her she may not have thought she looked that good. Good for her, just another part of Madonna being in control of her own life.


I guess Madonna is rather unassuming and shy. Come to think of it, that's one of her better qualities! Art becomes her.


She did the right thing. Why would anyone want to be photographed if they don't feel their best? Madonna can look AMAZING if she wanted to. For whatever reason, she chooses not to at times. 4ever in Black! Please, if you are reading, your Bedtime Stories look at Webster Hall was one your best. I can think of many others but that one stands out as Hella Sexy! More of that please

Mark Allen

I wish Madonna would stop being so ridiculous. She didn't look fat at the Met Gala and she looked great at the MoMA party. I really liked the glasses she wore :)

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