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Liz Smith on Madonna's latest looks

Somebody who also often seems a bit too wiry and thin is Madonna. But not these days. She was a sensation at the recent Metropolitan Museum Costume gala, in a wonderful retro-style gown, slender but not skinny.
And she seems to be keeping up the 1930’s/40’s glamour. She looked terrific with Oprah, at the big taping of Oprah’s final shows. Madonna always looks best as a classic glamour girl. She herself prefers edgier designs. Either her taste is maturing or she is - clever girl - gearing up for the release of 'W.E.' (The portions of the movie that deal with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are lavish in period detail and the clothes are exquisite.)
I remember around the time of publicizing 'Evita,' Madonna wore a lot of outfits suggesting Eva Peron. 'Evita' had been a ten-year journey for Madonna (and this column, which first suggested her for the role!) So, she was simply steeped in Eva and the fashions of the era.
'W.E.,' which Madonna wrote and directed, has also been a years-long labor of love. Nothing she has ever done has consumed her so much. So I think her return to classic glamour reflects the intensity and commitment to her film. Also, it’s terribly flattering.

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yep madonna looks very glamurous and amazing :)


LOOK LIZ!..classic glamour = OLD! I LOOOVES Madonna(and understand she is 52)however its a sad day when Oprah looks better in her outfit. Sorry. I mean, what was that frock Madonna wearing? I just want Madonna to bring it! And she had better bring it(at every event) and bring sexy back if she is to remain the Queen.

PS-its back to black again with Madge. She just could'nt help herself huh?


<3 her!

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