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Liz Smith on Madonna at the Met Gala

I could wring the neck of my old pal Madonna. She looked spectacular at the Alexander McQueen tribute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other evening. The iconic star wore a gorgeous blue gown that fit her like a glove and was in every way suitable to her alluring maturity and her soon-to-be lauded efforts as the director of 'W.E.'
But what did M have to say when asked how she felt? 'I feel fat in this dress!' she said. I’m sure designer Stella McCartney loved that!
La Ciccone looked in fact, healthy, trim, but rounded in all the right places. She even cut her hair a few inches which makes a big (positive) difference.
I wish she’d stop this foolishness. If she gained twenty pounds she wouldn’t be fat. It’s okay to be a little voluptuous.
Indeed, I caught Madonna and Warren Beatty in their 1990 film 'Dick Tracy' the other night. He insisted she put on weight. She did (they were romancing at the time) and she has rarely looked better onscreen, and she’s terrif in that movie.
My favorite scene is when Warren (as Dick) goes backstage to visit M (cabaret singer Breathless Mahoney) whose gangster lover, Lips, has just been killed.
'No tears for Lips?' asks Tracy
'I’m wearing black underwear.'
'I wonder whose side you’re on' Tracy presses.
'The side I’m always on,' replies Breathless, 'Mine!'
I recall when I saw this movie at an early screening, the audience went wild over that line; it seemed to confirm and conform to her public image - the ruthless, ambitious, sexually predatory diva.
She was some of that, but less than she led people to believe. She’s quite different now. But she still has a fine, sane, disregard for public opinion. And she’s still much nicer than she lets on.

From Liz Smith at - thanks to Alex


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I do agree with the last blogger! Madonna is a beautiful warrior because she does the happy/sad balancing act-happiness in her Heart, sadness in her Voice. She was beautiful at the Met Gala because her life is a work of art. Lady Madonna will never be forgotten-Love and Peace! Shanti Om! Madonna Forever!


That's really so kind and nice. I feel Madonna is a warrior in the best way. For Love of Self, Freedom of Fantasy, Confidence and most importantly, ever-growing, trying work of Art.

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