Lady GaGa: Madonna rip-off claim 'retarded'
UK Magazines: Grazia


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"She practically invented (and then reinvented) Pop.
Posted by: Richie"

Really? Are you serious?

Madonna practically invented Pop?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I absolutely LOVE Madonna, but that has to be one of the most riduclous comments I've ever read about the lady!

*tries to pick herself up off the floor from totally hysterical laughter*


NME ALWAYS put out these stupid polls in the hope that it will prove Madonna unworthy of her queen of Pop crown, she hasnt released any new material for over 2 years yet has either managed number 1 or 2 in this ridiculous test; as for GaGa her star is sadly fading, her latest singles have flopped big time here in the UK. A case of style over substance and totally believing in your own hype. Madonna all the way im afraid!


OMG M's 3rd placenow please vote vote vote vote!!!


i agree with raymondcito. katy perry?? how many years has she been a star if she is one in the first place?
not worth it.


keep voting!


Come on guys we should not give up. NEVER GIVE UP. lol. Madonnas No1 1 again keep it up.


dont bother anyways... KATY PERRY is in the lead... goes to show how accurate THAT poll is! I laughed out loud... at least it wasnt that gross gaga thing!


M is not in the lead anymore...Britney Is. Come on guys!!! let's get Madonna back to #1!!!


you can do it more than once as well
n obv for MADONNA


Come on Guys get voting, Madonna is 3rd now behind Gaga and Britney and we all know that without Madonna there would have been NO Gaga or Britney. Get


Everyone vote for her :)Even though we all know she's the best!


well said Richie....


NME insults Madonna for years and this poll is stupid as you can vote all day long so it does not represent anything.

Having say that, vote only for Madonna, never give a point, even one point, to anybody else because it is a point against Madonna.

However, in my opinion, the game is already over, they have decided that LG, the horrible copycat, will triumph and Madonna will be a new time insulted by this miserable paper.

However, I hope that this is will not be the case, so vote vote vote and vote for Madonna!

Mark Allen

She's still No.1! Let's keep her there!


We know she is the greatest. She practically invented (and then reinvented) Pop. NME magazine's blessing not required.

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