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Madonna's True Blue album gets covered

Piers Don't Preach: Kelly Osbourne defends Madonna

On this evening's Piers Morgan Tonight, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne chatted with him about pretty much everything. When Morgan brought up his well-documented hatred for Madonna - and argued that she's a bad mother for thrusting daughter Lourdes into the spotlight - an annoyed Kelly did her best to put him in his place.

To watch the clip of Piers, Kelly and Sharon visit or click on the picture below.


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He's just a bloody loser, trying to get a glimpse of the social spotlight by nagging on M. Nothing but a bunch of bollocks.

Leonid Gurevich

Piers is a pathetic little person...that is desperately trying to gain attention to his pathetic little show. To say that Madonna is a bad mother is just the same as publicly saying he's stupid ignorant little man who doesn't know what he's talking bout.


wow. This guy hates his life lol


Kelly is so intelligent and articulate. I love her.


I think he is such a loser!
He can't maintain that retarded show and his sick personality without talking about Madonna.
He is just a bitter old jackass.


I utterly detest Morgan. He was, and always will be to me, a tabloid hack, and one of the very worst at that. How he managed to slime his way into TV is a mystery.

Why would anyone, least of all someone as influential as Madonna, care if this creep disliked them?


His career Is not going to last While Madonna has survived Many many decades... That says it all :-)


Morgan is such an idiot. His dumb show should get cancelled.

Kevin Wales UK

Piers Morgan has disliked Madonna for many years. I remember way back in 1993 when he was writing for the entertainment section of the UK The Sun Newspaper he slammed her and the Girlie Show Tour. He made her out to be untalented, attention seeking not nice person. I might even have the article somewhere i shall have a look and email it through to Madonnalicious.

Only recently when he has become "famous" and starting to promote his talk show has he started talking about Madonna again saying that she is the one person he wouldn't have on his new talk show and even again during this interview with Kelly and Sharon he repeats it.

Personally I think Piers is a jealous person and when he saw what Madonna has done with her life and how she had made money for herself it must have got to him somehow. Remember this is the Newspaper Editor who in 2004 was sacked for allowing fake photos of British Soldiers abusing an Iraqi to be published.


I cant stand him, his voice gets on me nerves


love it, go go kelly, teach that old ass not to mess with the queen!


I think anyone who says they hate MADONNA actually loves to hate her. She is such an incredible force that you just have to admire her strength and determination.

Madonna Lover!

Gosh i LOVE Kelly Osbourne.


Piers' distaste towards Madonna is so negligent/childish. He sounds like a little school girl bitching about another girl being mean to her on the playground. Grow up Piers, this is CNN.

David Dobson

This guy is an idot. He bans Madonna over and over. Then brings her up and shows pictures of her. Isnt that "having her on the show"...Kelly nailed it "you didnt get what you wanted and now your mad about it" - its like he's trying to use reverse pyschology to get Madonna on the show...Doesnt he know she's acutally smart.

T. Soriano

Wonderful, Kelly; "She's a really good mum from what I can see.." Obviously Sharon is too, to have brought up a polite, stylish gal who can stand her ground firm against a boorish bore.

John Fraser

He doesn't like Madonna but he brings an employee of hers on his show to discuss her!! that's real i am convinced. he loves her!! or at least loves to hate her.

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