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Madonna writing classical music for W.E.?

Pop superstar Madonna is putting her musical ability to good use by reportedly composing a classic score for her new film W.E.
The singer has directed a big screen epic about the romance between American socialite Wallis Simpson and British royal Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry the divorcee.
The movie is due to premiere at the later this year and reports now suggest Madonna is hard at work writing the soundtrack for W.E. with producer William Orbit ahead of the picture's big debut.
A source tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, 'Madonna is working with William Orbit, who produced her synth-electronica album Ray of Light, but it will be quite an adjustment for them. Abel Korzeniowski, who composed the soundtrack to (Colin Firth's movie) A Single Man, is on hand to help.'



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Abraham Cuellar

I need a classical like no ones business. A Madonna album I can play really loud.


Alright I won't trash confessions or hard candy lime the other guy. Confessions was great no two ways about it. Hard candy would have been helped by having revolver and celebration oN the actual album playlist. But I would be totally psyched if Madonna worked with Willie orbit again. ThiNo how awesome it would be to have that team working again to make something different from Ray of light. That would be awesome!!!! Personally I think Madonna should also make remix album of older hits by remixed with new sounds from her Dave collabos as a thank you to older fans. Like mirwais remaking material girl for example


Let's wish she works with William Orbit also on the new album! She needs to do something hers, unique and original like ROL was. Enough of the Ibiza sound and the tacky R&B influences.

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