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C. Gordon

But in reference to the fact that she's going back and forth to Abbey Road studios, I did read that William Orbit was involved in some of the W.E. music, so I'll be interested to hear/see the result in the film. Providing the film actually goes on general release this time. Not straight to (a hard to get) video. And she's still alive by the end of it to approve what's done, anyway... (BIKE HELMET MADS.... PLEASE!)

C. Gordon

She's also not wearing a helmet. Has she any idea how large a dent her head can make in a car bonnet if she was side swiped by a car? No wonder there's always someone riding with her - she'll be needing someone to call an ambulance immediately (assuming they're not involved as well!!), and she doesn't want to have to hope a passer-by might after a while.
Come on Maddy! Show some responsibility! Even if you don't seem to care for your welfare as much as you should, people watch what you do, and may think it's okay to take similarly inappropriate safety measures. Comeone Mads! You're supposed to be some big time professional! What's up with you? Are you mad... Mads?
And what was this article about anyway? What was written on the back of her clothing? Yeah, whatever....

C. Gordon

Even more worrying is the fact that she only has one trouser tucked up (on the chainset side). But experienced cyclists will know that you really need both trousers tucked up, as in a rare situation the bottom of the trouser leg can become caught on the crank where it leaves the bottom bracket, stopping the foot from following its course with the pedal and effectively dismounting the rider. I had a bad fall because of this. I'm very concerned for Maddy!!! Is she not happy with just falling off horses?!!

C. Gordon

She doesn't seem very prepared for the weather. Clothing aside, she wants to get a front mudguard fitted as soon as possible. If it rains, they'll be a long spattering of road grime running from her feet upto her head. And the rear mudguard is one of those joke 'looks good, but is useless' ones that still leave a big area of your back and head undefended from the spattering thrown up by the rear wheel, when decelerating. I'm an experienced cylist for many decades, and I'd be happy to advise her on these issues... although I don't come cheap. I'm surprised that such a perfectionist hasn't spotted this major shortcoming in 'yobo' mountain bikes!!


The studio? As in, THE RECORDING STUDIO? I've been dying to know if she's finally making music again.

Kool Kyle


working on the soundtrack to W.E!!!!!???????

enough of this movie. START WORKING ON A NEW DANCE/ POP ALBUM.

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