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Madonna opens legal defence against Malawi workers

Madonna goes back to the eighties

She's been a fashion trendsetter all her life - and it seems that Madonna has taken to following her own lead and re-visiting her favourite looks if her latest outfit is anything to go by.
The star was spotted out and about in New York last night wearing a hat that brought to mind her outfit at the end of the video for her 1986 classic hit Open Your Heart.
The 52-year-old singer had teamed her black trilby with a black leather jacket, ripped jeans and a checked shirt, which all seemed to hark back to the Eighties.

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Glad that La Ciccone is going back to her leather jacket-and-ripped denim look. No matter where she goes in life, Lady Madonna will always Open Her Heart to us and we will always Open Our Hearts to her! Love You Maddy!


Dail Mail, pah!
Not sure what the outfit has in common with the Open Your Heart video, apart from the hat?!
I think she is in NYC right now working on the Material Girl line with Lola, which looks like where the clothes came from.
She looks just great anyway, I love her!!!


The hat is Open Your Heart but the Jeans and Shoes (I think) is for Papa Don't Preach....

So True Blue in 2011 is in process?


lol. I love that comment... Yep Lady Gaga has not only recycled madonna looks but looks of Britney, Christina, etc. I think the only original outfit she's worn would be the meat dress, the planet dress, or the police line do not cross tape outfit she wore. However, in my opinion those cross the line into the realm of bizarre that Madonna, Britney, Christina and other pop stars refuse to cross.


Why not?! Lady Gaga seems to be recycling Madonna looks.

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