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Lady GaGa: Madonna rip-off claim 'retarded'

Lady GaGa has branded an interviewer's suggestion that her single 'Born This Way' is a rip-off of Madonna's 1989 hit 'Express Yourself' as 'retarded'.
In an interview with NME, the musician briskly responded to a question about the melodic resemblance between the two songs.
'I'm a songwriter. I've written loads of music,' GaGa asserted. 'Why would I try to put out a song and think I'm getting one over on everybody? That's retarded.'
She continued: 'What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about....If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression.'
'It's the same one that's been in disco music for the last 50 years. Just because I'm the first f**king artist in 25 years to think of putting it on Top 40 radio, it doesn't mean I'm a plagiarist, it means that I'm f**king smart. Sorry!'
The star went on to profess that 'Born This Way' was divinely inspired, remarking: 'I feel like, honestly, God sent me those lyrics and that melody....There's no way for something that pure to be wrong.'

From Digital Spy

And for added interest madonnalicious suggests listening to Brighton band Doll & The Kicks acoustic mash-up of Born This Way/Express Youself....


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To fitsy: Thank god for you! I was absolutely dying after I heard Lady Gaga's version of express yourself. The lyrics were a painfully obvious appeal to the gay/tranny community, begging for a cookie. I was ticked, because I just knew there would be a ton of gay people who fell for her crap! She's trying too hard, and the altruism and sincerity is missing. I am glad that a gay person saw through her act. I am straight, by the way, but just the other day I was thinking to myself as I quickly silenced my car radio that I really would love to hear an intelligent gay person bitch her out for being such a wannabe. She doesn't deserve a title of " champion of the gays," she's ridiculous. I don't hate her, don't get me wrong. I still like her song "Just Dance." Not much else though. Did you see her "Born This Way video?" It reminded me of the commercial that "Strange" (Grace Jones) made in the movie Boomerang. Does the gay community really want her as a representative/ambassador? Where did dignity go?


There wouldnt be a GaGa if it wasnt for Madonna doing her sexuality thing nearly 30 years ago so of course she is "inspired" by Madonna! She said it to Larry King live on TV, whilst dressed like Madonna actually! She commented that Madonna was fabulous, how she was her number 1 fan and how she would have to think of other things to do because Madonna has done everything! Go watch, its fascinating, she looks like M circa 1992. GaGa, you think we are dumb? Madonna has millions of fans around the globe who watched her every move for years, who scrutinised every look, tale and tantrum!... We can tell an imposter when we see one even if todays youth cant! You just have to look. Its all there in black and white.


the mere fact that gaga 'briskly' answered is an indication already...why would she curse and call someone's suggestion retarded if there was no truth in there. in fact, she seems scared of the truth being called out. and that is ridiculous. it's the same song. is gaga talented? yes, definitely. is she smart? most probably yes. but not with this statement or this song...


Madonna is and always will be a major icon in music. There will be many magnificent pop artist to come that will remind us of her music. That is what makes her an "influence"....right! Lady Gaga is following the footsteps of many icons and with her truly God given talent mixed in with it. There is not much that has not been done or seen at this point. An artist as big as Gaga will always trigger our memories in music's history! OK..we aren't talking about Vanila Ice here!

keith castellano

that was fucking awesome....but any1 who doesnt hear that the songs are like meshed into 1 and cuda been a madonna song is crazy...gaga is great and born this way is great but lil close to the bone... madge is always number 1 in my heart


@ Ashley: Thanks, love your comment! Not just with "Born this way" but also with "Alejandro" and so many other things, Gaga is copying Madonna most of the time (apart from others such as Elton John. His crazy outfits we have seen already 30-40 years ago).


I finally heard "Born this Way." It sounds NOTHING like "Express Yourself."


name a song the Britney blatantly copied from Madonna? Name a song Pink, Katy Perry, Ke$sha, Gwen or take your pic of any other songtress that has made it on the own that had to do it by "literal" mimicking of Madonna's "signature" images and a signature sound?

You can't. That is why Lady Gaga fails. Enough Said.


Is there any way to buy this song on iTunes or something? I love it.

Mary Pryor

I think Gaga's song sounds like Madonna's and I thought everyone was being a little hard on Gaga. Then tonight I'm watching a commercial of a preview of Gaga's upcoming May 7th HBO special- and in black & white backstage she's singing with her two back up singers- and if that is not a direct rip off of Madonna, Nikki and Donna singing a warm up of "Holiday" backstage from "Truth or Dare" I don't know what is. Now THAT really irked me. For the first time I thought, "Okay, Gaga, that's ENOUGH copying off of Madonna." Madonna has always been INSPIRED by other artists... but NEVER blatantly ripped them off. Gaga is guilty as charged in my book. Like it or not... she's a rip-off artist. Not original at all- well, unless you call wearing meat original.


The truth of the matter is if Madonna were truly offended by any of this she would have called her out by now. This is good publicity for both of them. AND obviously Camp Madonna isn't offended: She hasn't said "Gaga, you ripped me off," like she did to Gwen Stefani.


LOL! the only thing "sent by God" MADONNA. Sorry gaga, the only words i can think of to describe you are "vapid" and "temperal." i copied Madonna too & got a "beauty mark" tatooed above my lip...but when people ask i tell them EXACTLY where it came from as to pay homage to the One whom i copied. If i were to get "mad" about it like you gaga..i'd consider myself a "poser." And the only time i could actually sit thru a version of Born This Way is when i heard "Doll" sing it. I think i'm done now.


Gaga being informed by Madonna is one issue, the fact that she uses the word 'retarded' so liberally is the most offensive.

As a wheelchair user, such phrases are lowering - language is power.
As Madonna herself says, "Words.. They cut like a knife.. I don't to hear your words."

Love to you all xx


She has a LOT of nerve to sya "God sent me the lyrics" really? Your going to say God wrote those simple lyrics and had your song number one for just 6 weeks? Why not have you top Mimi's record then? This girl is so full of herself.


This is brilliant, one more time it's telling the WHOLE WORLD who is the one and only one everyone is else is just an imitation MADONNA is the ONLY ONE!


Listening to "Doll" sing these songs in an acoustic version just AMPLIFIES that gaga was trying to mimic Madonna. "Doll" is a fantastic singer by the way. But gaga lying about Madonna's "people" contacting her is pathetic...just like she is. I dont see her talent. I'm sorry, i just really dont. I still remember sitting in front of MTV waiting for the "World Premiere" of Express Yourself. I LOVE YOU MADONNA. ;)


Why is that chick Gaga mad. I thought she said it's ok at some talk show. But then again she's young, she'll learn. Madge did.

Fabian Starr

Madonna wouldn't be hateful to Lady Gaga, Madonna will inspire people after Lady Gaga and they will also be compared to Madonna, get used to it, we should have all seen this coming and not fall for it, it's a great flattery when people compare you to M...

CLAUDIO i am agree with you man. The thing is, she must be named "Lady Copy"!!!, HEHEHE.


To Mark Allen... you need to be less sensitive, Madonna fans have an opinion just like our Queen and we will excersise our right to air it whenever we can! Nobody is dissing Lady GaGa but when she cites everyone from Bowie to Freddie Mercury as an influence but conveniently leaves out Madonna, well that speaks volumes. She is drawing attention by missing out the obvious on purpose, and i find it not only rude but very arogant, like her obsession with lauding over her successes and sales figures and forcing the gay community to view her as our saviour!. When did we ever hear Madonna praise her own record sales and label herself a gay icon? Madonna earned those titles from us and her success was something she always wanted to build upon, she was hungry for success but was never about patting herself on the back. GaGa has an arogance that i just cannot take to, she is preaching to the already converted and its as lame as an old dog being taught new tricks. Sorry but i am 37 years of age and a gay man, i will not have somebody shouting about gay rights at the age of 22 who hasnt even lived! When she has walked a mile in my shoes and lived through 25 years of homophobia and lost genuine loved ones to the tragedy that is AIDS, then i will listen to her. GaGa is mimicking Madonna's every move. Madonna lived those experiences first hand, she had an opinion when homophibia was really homophobia, the gay community whilst still not 100% accepted, is in a far better place than when Madonna first stuck her neck out for us! GaGa is just buying into the pink money. Its shallow and vapid. Sorry, i just cannot take to her as a person. I see her for what she is and it wont be long before the rest of the world picks up on her, its already begun.


Gaga says sorry: "My apologies for not speaking thoughtfully. To anyone that was hurt, please know that it was furiously unintentional"


I totally agree that the only similarity between the two songs is the chord progression. In fact that's what I noticed the first time I heard "Born This Way", just like the majority of the people. The only thing is that the great Lady Gaga still needs to learn to lighten up about those kinds of criticism and not take it so seriously so she doesn't react with so much anger. She just should laugh and be proud that she is acting inspired by the queen! :)


people...except for some of the same chord lines, which by the way have been used over and over, Born this way is not a rip off. I can't believe we are even still discussing this. Born this way is as orginal as Madonna's express yourself.Now I'm a die hard obsessed Madonna fan just like the rest of you and I fell in love with her ever since she first came out and Madonna will alwasy be a part of my soul, but I also love Lady Gaga. I find it interesting how the so-called GAGA haters have to go on a rampage to protect the Queen. Madonna's message has always been believe in yourself and show love and equality. Just because another artist that maybe has a few similarities to her, holds to the same principles, people think that she's a rip-off and fake. I've said it before and I'll say it again, do you really think that you are honoring our QUEEN. Madonna has stated publicly that she admires GAGA and is also a fan, as well as her daughter, so please let it go and move on.


Love the mash up.


Gaga may be talented, but as for a messenger of the divine? i think not. "dont be a drag, just be a queen"? pretty sure if God was gonna send a message in song form, she'd be a bit more poetic and profound than that.
but lets get real, no one is hating too hard on Gaga, or denying her talent. fact is the song is a direct rip off of Express Yourself. its not just the chord progression that is 'similar' as she puts it, its the whole thing, the melody, the beat, everything. its lazy song writing and she knows it.
i think shes banking on her fan-base being ignorant of Madonna's music, and rightfully so cuz most people in her tween-teen demographic arent aware of the enormous back catalogue Madonna has generated.
heres a good way to educate those around you: everytime 'born this way' comes on the radio, just sing or hum express yourself over top of it. everytime i do, people are astonished at how 'well' the two fit together. then i explain its cuz Gaga stole the song... lol
its not hate, its just correcting a misunderstanding that Gaga is a truly original and groundbreaking artist. lets be honest, shes doing exactly what Madonna has done, but with stupid/ridiculous clothes (a meat dress? really?). its not new, its not even post-modern...its just lazy marketing.

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