William Orbit talks about his work on 'W.E.'
Abbie Cornish on working on 'W.E.'


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C. Gordon

Thanks Ivor, but I did actually bother to check Filth And Wisdom's running time a while ago before posting, and it is feature length too. If your idea of a 'short' film is one that runs less than 81 minutes (F & W's running time), then can I suggest checking The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences website where they define a 'short' film as one that lasts forty minutes or less. Technically speaking a feature film starts at 41 minutes running time. F & W is about twice that. And there's no definition of 'full' length at all. What's the threshold for 'full length' running time, eh? You just made that up!! W.E. and F & W may end up with slightly different running times between them, but they are both feature films.
Besides, I was drawing attention to the fact it reads 'directorial debut'. So it wouldn't matter if F & W was five minutes long. The report is still wrong...

Ivor Jones

It's her debut for a full length feature.

C. Gordon

'Directorial debut'? So she didn't direct Filth And Wisdom, then? If W.E. is her first film, then someone else directed Filth And Wisdom, going by this report. This is ridiculous. How many debuts is she going to have?


Is that her bodyguard with her? either way he's hot. Damn talk about OMG


The bodyguard is sooo hooot .....uhaaaaaaaa OMG!!!


she looks beautiful...cant wait to see the movie

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