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Sugarland and Little Big Town cover Like a Prayer

Tanner Stransky at wrote this piece below on the Sugarland/Little Big Town country version of Madonna's Like a Prayer:

Should Madonna’s 'Like a Prayer' maybe have been a country song this whole time? Don’t worry: I realize what I’ve opened myself up to by asking that question.
But seriously, that’s what I asked myself as I watched this cover of the classic Madge song by Sugarland and Little Big Town, recorded live at a concert in Bloomington, IL, on Friday night. It’s real good.
I think my affection for 'Like a Prayer' as a country song is a three-parter: 1) I’m so familiar with the song. Like, what cover of 'Like a Prayer' wouldn’t be good? 2) The semi-religious undertones (overtones?) in the song—well, at least the use of the word 'prayer' - very much seem at home in any country song. Right? Seems like it to me, at least, and the Sugarland/LBT folks give it a pureness. And, lastly, 3) Jennifer Nettles just rules; her voice gives me chills. Throw in Little Big Town - who Sugarland is pretty regularly collaborating with at this point—and it’s just all that much better.
This six-some did Madonna justice. Watch here:

Thanks to Derek


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It's like Karaoke or American Idol.
Sounds great, when MADONNA sings it. But then Madonna doesn't sound all that great covering other artists, either.

Byron Monte

it sounds the same.


Not bad at all. But, According to Lyrical A.I., everytime I hear a Madonna cover I think that she had an extraordinary expressive voice.

Anyway, the lead singer made the bridge a billion way better than Sieda Garrett.


absolutely dreadful. I could not even make it through half the song before my ears started hurting. her tone is just awful.



Jennifer Violette

The lead singer of Sugarland makes me want to scream she's so obnoxious!


Flippin brilliant! I like.

Lyrical A.I.

It's great that they covered the song...but Madonna's voice has so much more warmth and emotion. Whenever I see or hear a Madonna cover I'm reminded of how great and underestimated her voice actually is. Even though Madonna does not always concentrate on singing pitch perfect when she's moving around on stage...she has some of the most beautiful tones which have contributed to the success of her songs over the years. When she sings "Like A Prayer" I get chills but with this version...I didn't feel much.

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