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'Stalker' Arrested In Madonna's Home

An alleged 'stalker' was arrested after breaking into Madonna's home.
Grzegorz Matlok, 29, was wrestled to the ground by bodyguards at the 52-year-old star's £10 million 10-bedroom mansion in London's Marylebone area at 5.30am on Saturday morning (12.03.11) after being found clutching several of the 'Material Girl' hitmaker's possessions.
Despite having a huge security team and a state of the art CCTV system in place, the intruder - who the singer's bodyguards told police was a 'stalker' - gained entry to the Georgian townhouse by smashing a side window while the singer was in the US mourning the death of her grandmother Elsie Mae Fortin.
A senior police source told The Sun newspaper: 'Something dreadful has happened here. The security around the world's most famous pop star should be impregnable.'
Polish-born Matlok was charged with burglary last night (13.03.11) and is now due to appear before magistrates in Westminster today (14.03.11).
Madonna and her family were in the USA at the time of the arrest.



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WTF?? That security needs to be replaced-pronto! I, and I know that I speak for a million others, would be devestated if anything traumatic like this would happen to Madonna and her family again. What if they were home?!

Black Heart

they should be punished so no one will every plan again in doing it.....


OMG that was an awful breach of security...
So lucky not to be home.

Mark Allen

This is the last thing the Queen needs..

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