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Madonna's grandmother dies, aged 99

Madonna's grandmother Elsie Mae Fortin has died in the singer's hometown of Bay City, MI at the age of 99.
Fortin reportedly passed away from an undisclosed ailment at her home while surrounded by family and friends.
According to local newspaper The Bay City Times, Fortin helped to raise Madonna after the 'Miles Away' star's mother succumbed to breast cancer in 1963.
The popstar's rep Liz Rosenberg released an official statement, which called for the press to respect Madonna's privacy.
'I'm sorry, but Madonna will not be issuing any statements or conversing with the media regarding her grandmother. It is totally a personal matter to her,' Rosenberg noted.

The singer's father Silvio Ciccone praised Fortin as a 'friendly, loving and caring' woman who did a 'great job' taking care of her family.
It is not yet known if Madonna will attend Fortin's funeral, which is to be held on Saturday.

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louis st.romain

god bless you madonna!!!!!!!!!! a fan for years. it will hurt

john Suddes

I hope Madonna did attend her Grandmother's funeral or I will see her in a totally different light

Mark Allen

My condolences go to Madonna and her family at this difficult time xxxx

Johnny Glasser

My thoughts and prayers go out to Madonna and her family. I also had a great grandmother who passed away at 95. She lived a good, long life as did Elsie.
Love and light to you and your family Madonna!!

-Johnny Glasser

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