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Express Yourself: International Download Day

On Thursday 17 March Madonna fans around the world will attempt to take her classic track Express Yourself to the top of the iTunes To make the project work, fans all have to download the same version of the track, and that is the version on the Celebration Deluxe Edition on iTunes.

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Chris S:

I agree with your post entirely!


Chris S, you could not said it better... There is no point to download a song that has been with us for so long. It is a cracker of a track, in my opinion one of Madonna's best.

We all need new GOOD material... and the albums you placed as examples are brilliant.

I think she needs to tell us stories, like on Ray Of Light or Like A Prayer... Stories, personal, intimate songs that made those two albums be the best of her repertoire.

And about the botoxed beauty, please can somebody stop her.. it is ruining her.

Chris S

Well I've bought a cd and cassette of Like A Prayer, the cassette and 12 inch record single of Express Yourself, several copies of the Immaculate Collection, and Celebration. Would I love to see Express Yourself at the top of the charts? Of course, but to be honest I've more than spent my share on the song at this point. I can't justify buying it again to prove a point. It's a 22 year old song, that holds up amazingly well. That's a victory! Madonna's day as the charts 'it' girl as past. That doesn't mean she's 'over' or her work doesn't have merit, it just means the days of every song she puts out going top 20 are gone. I actually hope she puts out music that is less commercial, but has more depth and meaning in the coming years. I'd be proud to see a return of the Like A Prayer, Ray of Light, or Confessions Madonna, and say goodbye to the rubber faced, botoxed beauty.


Just goes to prove the old adage about not being able to fool all of the people all of the time, eh...?


what happened? was I the only one who bought the song? I saw it as 142 on the download chart but then it went down to 193 and dissapeared :(


Because she needs more of our money?

john Suddes

well i got my copy and asked a few friends to download too but could not see her on the chart :o(

A. Peers

Umm, qu'est-ce que c'est passé? I checked iTunes (US), and the song was not even in the top 200...

I guess Madge's fans are really broke these days. Oh well.


going good need more uk fans to download this song from iTunes,it's off the celebration album deluxe version! No1 in spain and in the top 20 in a few other countrys! Come on uk we can do it! XX


I have made my purchase, let's take Madonna to number one!


What remix of Express Yourself is in this teaser and where can I find it!? OMG I love it!!!

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