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Andrea Riseborough has revealed how Madonna offered her a part in her new film over traditional English afternoon tea.
The Brighton Rock star plays Wallis Simpson, whose relationship with King Edward VIII led to his abdication, in W.E. which is directed and co-written by the music superstar.
Andrea revealed: 'She's just a lovely woman. My first experience of her was a very nice cup of Earl Grey in a living room in her house. That's how we talked about doing something together and it was really artistically a very complicit relationship throughout.'
'Also I think from beginning to end it was five-and-a-half months playing Wallis, and Madonna has an infectious passion for all sorts of things and she's very worldly. She has a real wisdom, but particularly at this point for the Duke and Duchess, so I got the bug - the Wallis Simpson bug.'
The 29-year-old Made In Dagenham actress - best known for her role as Baroness Thatcher in The Long Walk To Finchley - said watching awards hit The King's Speech was interesting as it gave another perspective on the abdication story.
Andrea said: 'It was strange watching it for me, because it was the other side of a whole. It was the other side of the story and in my job you have to absolutely convince yourself of the truth because everything's just a version of truth isn't it. So the truth that we were dealing with was something very other to that of The King's Speech.'
'It was strange but I very much enjoyed it - as objective as I could be about it.'
Andrea stars in the new film adaptation of Graeme Greene's novel Brighton Rock, released on February 4.



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Mark Allen

I'm so excited about this movie!

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