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Madonna's 1994 letter to David Letterman

Rep: Madonna Never Emailed Lady Gaga About 'Born This Way'

Did Madonna really give Lady Gaga her blessing on 'Born This Way?'
Earlier this week, the singer told Jay Leno that the Material Girl approved her new single, which some critics called a rip-off of Madonna’s 'Express Yourself.' 'I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be,' Gaga said.
But Madonna's rep has told CNN’s Headline News Entertainment that she is unaware of any email that Madonna has sent.

From The Hollywood Reporter - thanks to Alessandro


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"Iam a gay man, 35 years of age, i refuse to be dictated too by a 24 year old woman who has no idea what i have been through, Madonna was there from the start, the begining, GaGa? Its false, shes using us.

Posted by: Fitsy!"

And you think Madonna has any idea what you've been through?????

I thought Lady GaGa was a singer/artiste, not a Dictator.

GaGa is NOT using anyone: if you don't like her music, you don't have to buy it. (Hell, you don't even have to listen to it if you don't want to!) If you don't like reading about her, then why click on links that relate to stories about her? So simple, it's mind-numbingly obvious.

You can only be manipulated (or "dictated to", using your words) if you are aware you are being manipulated and then allow it to continue to happen.

I hate reality shows with a passion, so I don't watch them. I don't read about them, either. I don't allow them to manipulate me.



As a human being i have no problem with lady GaGa, as a so called artist i do, she and her work are massively contrived, shes too young to be saying the things she does and thete is no way she has done all those rebellious things she is supposed to have done. She has emulated her idol, moulded herself arounmd Madonna and scrutinised her every move... She's inspired by Bowie apparently, androgony, gay culture, Andy Warhol... Funny that so was Madonna, shes pro gay, really? Or just ticking boxes? Iam a gay man, 35 years of age, i refuse to be dictated too by a 24 year old woman who has no idea what i have been through, Madonna was there from the start, the begining, GaGa? Its false, shes using us.


yeah read the heading..... her rep is UNAWARE of any email Madonna sent Gaga.
It didn't say Madonna never emailed her. I think we all fall into the trap of hearing and seeing what we want to.
Just because she's her rep doesn't mean Madonna checks in every second to say what she's doing.

Please let's stop the b**ching about other artists. If you don't like a certain artist out there, than just don't listen to them. as I have sadi before.. do you really think you are honoring Madonna by hating on other people.


The haters love to get on their high horses, don't they? I am sure Madonna would be very disappointed that many of her fans seem to be so full of hatred towards other artistes. I believe that hatred - along with bullying - are two characteristics that M is not keen on.

And READ the article.

The heading uses the word 'never''; the artile uses a quote that says 'unaware of'.

Two completely different things.

I am very often ashamed of the way Madonna fans behave and conduct themselves.

Lyrical A.I.

Madonna copied Marilyn Monroe's look...not her work. She did it once most evidently in her Material Girl video...but it was done intentionally. It was clear for everyone to see...she didn't beat around the bush about it. Also she was very intent on making it clear that she admired Monroe's femininity and sex appeal but she herself was not a victim like Marilyn was. She was saying...yeah I can be sexy but I can also be strong!


Madonna didn't steal from Monroe! It was a tribute and she never hid it (plus it was only a small part in her entire career)
Gaga acts as if Madonna never existed and doesn't even thank her for her work and inspiration(cf the Grammy's and the latest issue of Vogue)...Gaga's work is so déjà vu... she's just a wannabe and a demagog 'gay people are my friends, look at me I'm so original...blah blah blah'


"I wonder if Madonna emailed Monroe when she copied her look, haha"

The only time Madonna every copied her look was for the Material Girl video which she was recreating Monroe's performance. She did not hide she was doing it, it was very clear it was a recreation. The difference is that Gaga has claimed that she is writing the most important song turned out to be Express Yourself

Pat Bradley

Great comment


I wonder if Madonna emailed Monroe when she copied her look, haha.


Would be so awsome if Madonna and Gaga performed together with a mash up of Express Yourself and Born This Way.


I think that her rep is her rep because she must know what is going on around M. So if she says she's "unaware" that probably means that there was no mail. In this case Gaga just lied, which is pretty emberassing but it doesn't really bother me cuz personally I don't really care about her. If there was a mail anyway, I don't think the rep is doing her job well.

Black Heart

I am just wondering why Lady Gaga did not mentioned M's name when she got the grammy. Instead she mentioned Whitney's name. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Though I am not a Lady Gaga fan, I respect her message which is lost in all of this media dissecting....the same message that Madonna wants for humanity.... Accept your differences, embrace others with differences, and love to all.


Do you really think nobody was aware of that e mail? Come on Madonna is such a control freak...
that's just a polite way to say "that bitch is a copycat and lied, I never e mailed her!!!"


That doesn't necessarily mean that she never emailed Gaga, it just means that person wasn't aware of the email.

People seriously need to stop this comparison bull between artists. Madonna, Gaga, Britney, they're all gonna do there own thing. Just relax and enjoy the music, and if you don't like it. DONT LISTEN.

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