Rep: Madonna Never Emailed Lady Gaga About 'Born This Way'
Material Girl Collection hits Toronto


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Fuckin Brilliant!

C. Gordon

I'm sorry Greg, but I'm with Kyle on this one. Madonna is definitely a more rounded and considered person these days, and this note harks back to the days when she could easily make a twit of herself, and occasionally carried herself in a less than admirable manner. With the 20-20 vision of hindsight she has since scorned herself for the way she behaved in that interview, and blamed it on being a bit stoned, I believe. I guess these days she'd hold a similar opinion on the note. So that's at least three people who don't think much of the whole episode - Kyle, Madonna and myself. If you still do think it's great, then I think that shows where you're still at, and you should raise your bar and join Madonna and I (and Kyle) in a new world of lucidity and maturity, or be left behind to continue to revere these inappropriate and awkward moments.

(BTW, I certainly wasn't a fan of hers then, and never claimed to be either. And with behaviour like this, I had good reason not to be. But these days, she's earned from me a different opinion of her).

But I think we can agree on something: Some more music from her would be welcome...


Seriously, those of you who are misinterpreting this note need to question your understanding of a woman you claim to be a fan of. Not that I know her personally, but this is pure Madonna. The fact that this note is written on Maverick letterhead is great. The fact that she curses in it is also great; that's the whole point. She isn't trying to be "business-like," nor is she blaming Dave for anything. She's being playful with him. And, if I can guess, he loved reading it. More importantly, let's hear some new music!!!

C. Gordon

Unfortunately, I have to report that she has indeed spelt 'mileage' correctly (her 'a's can look like 'd's - see 'glad' above). However, considering how infantile the note is, it's surprising that this and other words aren't misspelt!!!!


I take it you guys saying she is bitter etc dont get her sense of humour! This was obviously a joke - Madonna & David remained friends after that show. It was total banter - and this is why I love Madonna - no matter her status, she can still joke with the best of them!!


The fact that it is on Maverick headed note paper was mibe a big indication that she can do whatever the fuck she likes....






She was right though, her "performance" netted him the biggest viewings of his entire career. LEGEND!


She mispelled 'mileage'... whoops! It's ok, though... cause she's the QUEEN!!!

C. Gordon

I really can't help but think that it's the sort of thing a teenager would write! Not an established professional at the top of her league. And on Maverick headed note paper too?!!! Not very business-like, Madge. Come on! I'm sure you could've done better?!

Kool Kyle

you guys are ALL a bunch of ass kissers.

I LOVE Madonna, but the letter to Dave seems petty, bitter, bitchy and immature.

He didn't hold a gun to her head and make her curse, yet she feels the need to blame him for it.

Take some responsibility for YOUR OWN actions Ciccone!

Thankfully this persona was left in the 90's and she has grown into the beautiful woman we all know and love today.

Jennifer Violette

I love her.


and this is why I love her. Madonna you always will have my heart

Lyrical A.I.

This is so freakin awesome!!! Gotta love Madge!

T. Newsh

This is funny!


Fucking beautiful!

james brookes

hahahhahaha awesome! love her


this fucking rules..


Fucking Amazing

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