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Madonna performers wanted for Ultimate Drag Off

Madonna 'can't wait' to record new album

Madonna's manager has revealed that she is ready to record a new studio album.
The singer, whose last release was 2008's Hard Candy, is said to be going back in the recording studio after she wraps up directing her latest film.
Responding to rumours that she will appear at the Grammys and release a concert DVD, the star's manager Guy Oseary tweeted: 'Madonna will not be at grammys. I have no idea where the rumour of a live dvd box set is coming from. Im not against doing it....just not true.'
'The update is that Madonna cant wait to get into the recording studio....This will happen as soon as she finishes the movie she directed....(sic)'

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Can't wait!

Crayonis T. Waximus

I was listening to Kylie's song "Get Out of My Way" and thought it would have been perfect as a duet with Madonna. It almost sounds like it already is. That got me thinking I'd really like Madonna to do a duets album with some of the hotest dance divas lending their vocals. Kylie, Lady G, Beyonce, and even Janet. That would be a killer album if done right. If not a duets album then I think it's high time for Madge to revisit her Ray of Light period.


The Live DVD Boxset is a project that Madonna n her camp have been trying to put out since Confessions Madonna- : This Is something thats were trying to make happen! she told attitude around the promotional time.....
Still Nothing though but will happen eventually....


I'm SOOO EXCITED!!!! I need new music...and good music too. I'm so excited to be able to listen to something fabulous again. I can't wait to hear it!!

glenn jones

Let's all pray she makes a real MADONNA album.....not relying on tired, played producers with overbearing generic production.... once again.....(hard candy anyone???)


oh it needs to be soon!! i miss her :(

keith castellano

i really hope she tours b4 2012 but probly not.... hope htis album is a really good one with lots of dance hits.... get rid of the rappers mad , u dont need them... stay true to ur roots and give us something that just screams madonna!!!!


I want a new album and a tour sooooo bad!!! I'm hungry for them.............

Laritza  DuMont

we are waiting for the the new album who is she collaborating with ? pop /dance album hhmm good luck M muah


sweet...... Can't wait either. LOve you Madonna. Your my girl. So excited!!!!!

Mark Allen

We can't wait either! Music is dead without the QUEEN!

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