Material Girl collection arrives in Canada
Madonna movie photoshoot thought too 'lesbian'


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Madonna is a goddess, she rules the pop world, it will be a number of years before someone of her talent and ability to change their looks and music to suit the generation at the time. She is fabulous and still looks amazing at 50!!


I think that blonds not only have more fun, but women look much younger when they are blond. When they go for a darker colour, it does not suit as you grow older. She has stuck to what she knows best and it certainly has worked for her.

Berlin Life

How fabulous does Madonna look for her age, not only that but she can probably out do most women in their 20's fitness wise. Inspirational woman!!

Kev Walers

Great look but she really need to put out an amazing album next because I feel if she doesn't she might loose a lot of fans zest for her. Hard Candy was OK so I hope if past albums are to go by the next album she puts out will blow everyone away.

Jose Sotres

Wow Lourdes looks so pretty in that outfit, shes a total fashionista.


All these negative comments in the press are just rubbish, jealous female reporters whom obviously feel way threatened by her! Madonna answers to no one, never has never will, shes a legend! Shes never followed the rules, why start now? She looks incredible... Keep rocking M!!


i am sure its not real fur, her friend Stella Mcartney would never forgive her.
Her hair looks amazing, but she shouldnt have cut it.


Mother glows best :)


Madonna looks so amazing! Everything...the hair, the dress, her legs....Oh my God.....she must come back and kick Gagas ass!


She looks soooooooooooo AMAAAAAAAAZING!!! LUV LUV LUV!!!! So refreshing to see her look vibrant and with it, this is why she is the queen of reinvention!!!


She's gone back to her youthful hairstyle she showed off a lot when she put out her Music album. Love it!


my Donut! Mi Donia! Darlin I love ya but give me Park Avenue please! I want you brunette again and with full curls and bold heavier make-up! Yes? Si?



everything looks great on her exept the fur. she needs to stop wearing fur.


They are so sexy ;))

Fabian Starr

Bravo, Madonna hits it out of the park with this look, Jesus she looks dam good!The hair is fierce, the dress with the leg detail is just ASTONISHING, and this is customized because only Madonna with her legs could pull this off, you now gonna see everybody and there mother pull this look off and no one will ever nail it accept Madonna, mark my words, Hollywood is gonna go all legs, Lourdes is just a Goddess, amazing aswell she is a hottie like her Mommy...


she's baaaack!....rocking edgy elegance.

i love it because it's classic Madonna to not give a shit.

didn't she wear a dress with similar elements of black and see through fabric to last years oscar parties?

Lourdes is stunning.


She looks good, reminds me of the What It Feels Like For A Girl look.


sooooooooooooo beautiful!!


Finally a change from the long wavy cougar hair! A longer version of the "What it feels like for a girl" hair-do.

Lola looks incredible, and I see that Momma Madonna finally let her dye her hair.


love madonna for ever.


She looks gorgeous, however that dress is too revealing.

Jennifer Violette

Love the hair! It's good to see a change from the queen of change.


Lola looks like an adult in these pics they look like sisters.


Oh my god she looks fucking amazing! I want to have great pins like that :-(


Blonde have much more fun!

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