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Lady Gaga addresses Born This Way comparisons

Lady Gaga has finally chimed in on the controversy that her new single, 'Born This Way,' sounds like Madonna's 1989 anthem, 'Express Yourself.'
Fresh off her appearance at the Grammys on Sunday night, Gaga paid a visit to 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' where Jay asked her what her thoughts were on the comparisons that are being made between the two songs.
'There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me,' Gaga responded. 'I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.'
The pop superstar went on to reveal that she received communication from her Madgesty, and that she's OK with the song.
'Well, the good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be,' Gaga told Jay.
As previously reported on , Gaga dropped 'Born This Way,' the lead single off her album of the same name, on February 2, and almost immediately, people were comparing it to Madonna's iconic tune.
Gaga's performance at the Grammys - where she had a long blonde ponytail, not unlike Madonna's previous look - just prompted more fodder on the topic, including headlines like E! Online's 'Is Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' A Rip-Off of Madonna Classics?' and MTV's 'Does Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Owe Debt To Madonna?'



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Yeah... chill!


I loved Lady Gaga's performance at the Grammy's. She was amazing. And maybe there was a little Madonna here and there, but so be it. I know that Madonna wouldn't care & she probably was honored; she's imitated to late Marilyn Monroe. I remember what Madonna said one time in an interview. She said, "everyone that has success from hard work, everyone wants to see them fail." Why can't we just enjoy the newcomers and let it be? Madonna is still here and will always be, nothing can change that. And a new star is being born...Lady Gaga, and guess what?..there will be more others like that. Peace-out!

"Don't Go For Second Best"

Woops!! it appears GaGa made this up and there was no such blessing, Funny That!!!
I've been watching a few recent interviews of Lady Gaga and really dislike the fact that she has almost force "labeled" herself as a Gay Icon, its a bit much, people aren't that one-dimensional. Madonna became an Icon organically and gaga's behavior seems a bit premature.Not Hating just sharing!!


for gods sakes people lady gaga is amaizing if you are gay as i am we owe a big thank you for all she dose for gay causes gay marige dont ask dont tell etc she stands with us we should stand with her

Black Heart

Let's save pop music. Hail the Queen and Kudos to Lady Gaga.....


Obviously the gaga haters hide behind the unknown internet. They probably would never say the things they say if they were face to face. Lady Gaga has an incredible voice and talent for creating very catchy songs, and I say good for her. She is a great live performer, but Madonna is THE best live performer. I am looking forward to a new album and tour from Madonna as I am a HUGE fan. My only wish is that she give us something that will be classic Madonna, no more songs featuring other people. And if Madonna can show class by enjoying Lady Gaga and her tributes to Madonna, then I only hope Madonna's TRUE fans will do the same. You are NOT a true fan if all you can do is tear down someone else. Madonna is THE QUEEN and always will be, but there ARE other talented artists out there. I think Madonna would be ashamed of all the haters out there trashing other artists. Maybe if y'all put out positive energy the world would be a better place. Just study a little kabbalah.

Jennifer Violette

I think it's a big stretch to compare the two songs. You have to work hard to hear the similarities.


@WW! Yes - you've hit the nail on the head! That IS what sounds like to me, "Born to be Alive"! It was by Patrick Hernandez and, yes, M *was* back-up singer and dancer.


Now I am a die hard Madonna fan and I also Love lady gaga. That being said I never even heard the "Express Yourself" comparison until I heard others were making such a deal of this. I honestly don't see any similarities here, or maybe I just wasn't out looking for them. LAdy Gaga's new song is great. I think we can all take a page from both their books. Madonnna and Lady gaga are all about creating love and positivity. While I do see some of the same aspects between the two... Lady gaga is not Madonna and vise versa. But they stand for the same kind of positivity. Do you really think you are truly honoring Madonna by dissing Lady gaga... I mean come on.


huh i relly dident notice exspress ypurself in her new song

Manuel V

Good move Gaga...obviously you are clever enough to manipulate the media opinion. Sadly you are a copycat still. Madonna prolly isnt interested in give you more publicity so she's get over your shit. thatś all


I heard GaGa perform this when I went to see The Monster Ball in London last Dedcember. I must say that the Madonna influence totally passed me by, but I did think it sounded very 80s :-/


its nice that madonna had said that
and its nice from gaga to say shes a huge fan
now all of us fans should follow therir example and be nice to each other.
no more dissing or comparing in negative ways


at last she recognizes madonna is the only queen, well done gaga!!


Gag just saying these to gain numbers.. i ain't buying it.. celebrities leeches on Madonna to gain popularity.. if it's a rip off, it's a rip off..

"Don't Go For Second Best"

Hmmm still think shes a bit Fickle,every interview is her trying to sound all profound, the song ain't that great and seems a bit forced for us gays to like her!!(now I like her less) and all this stuff is already out there in M's new and old stuff. But!!! all this fuss made me fall in love with "Express Yourself" all over again, I hope it re-enters the charts :)
Hopefully M's new comeback will show her who's boss :)

bobby blue

Well, it lets Blah Blah off the hook then.... she never has to worry about being original; not that she ever was. Lady Blah Blah is a fraud. Madonna is just letting her dig her own hole. Little by little everyone will see this. This only puts Madonna in a better light and Madonna knows this. Madonna will also make a few sales from it...


Huge Madonna fan here, but when you get down to it, Express Yourself is just an updated version of Respect Yourself by The Staples Singers. There's no doubt that Gaga's song sounds like Express Yourself, but it also sounds like that disco singer's song Born to Be Alive. Didn't Madonna sing and dance back up for him? Anyway, Born This Way is obviously a catchy song. I can't get it out of my head.

Mark Allen

I knew the Queen wouldn't have a problem with it as it's also promoted "Express Yourself". Now hopfully all the morons who think they were doing Madonna justice by slating Lady Gaga can shut up.

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