French Magazines: Closer
Madonna's Mercy family to sue over break of visit vow?

Kelly Brook copied Madonna's scent

The 31-year-old model-and-actress - whose former boyfriend Jason Statham is close pals with the singer's ex-husband Guy Ritchie - loves the scent Fracas by Robert Piguet after first smelling it on the 'Hung Up' hitmaker.
She said: 'I first smelt this perfume on Madonna and asked her what it was. I decided there and then that I always wanted to smell like her. Who wouldn't want to smell like Madonna?'
'It's a lovely jasmine-based scent which you can get from Harrods. Once somebody came up to me and said, 'Madonna wears that fragrance too.' And I replied, 'Yeah I know.''

From Yahoo! News

Pictured below are Madonna and Kelly at the 2001 Snatch premiere in Los Angeles.


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just an admirer like all of us! Chillax people!


Guess we're all trying to smell like Madonna and her mother!

Posted by: ashley | Tuesday, 08 February 2011 at 03:20 AM

Errrrrr, not ALL of us....! I'm a guy.


You're completely wrong I'm afraid.

Kelly Brook doesn't dress, look, act like Madonna at all, nor does she dye her hair.

She's an admirer, not a husband-stealer.

Have you noticed who Guy's going out with? It isn't Kelly!


i dont think its aimed at kelly-it was years after snatch!! & kelly is nothing like madonna at all!!she doesnt dye her hair blonde,or try & dress like her.i doubt it very much!!!& kelly has her own lingerie line-so i dont think she'd be stealing madonnas!!xx

Jennifer Violette

Is this person the "she" in "She's Not Me?"


I also wear fracas because of Madonna. I luv it, it reminds me of black licorice! Madonna wears it because her mother did. Guess we're all trying to smell like Madonna and her mother!

Mark Allen

I don't blame her. Who wouldn't want to smell like Madonna? :)


hmmmm???? maybe this girl "KELLY" is the the same person/girl Madonna mentions on her song..'She's Not Me',because there's a line where it says...."She started dyeing her hair and Wearing the same perfume as me
She started reading my books
And stealing my looks and lingerie"
Am I wrong guys? what do you all think?:)

Abraham Cuellar

Shes not me?

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