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Guy Oseary talks albums, DVDs and tours

Guy Oseary has taken to Twitter this afternoon answering fans questions about a tour, new album and those long-awaited for tour DVDs:

When asked about the chance of a tour this summer he replied:
not this summer... we have to make an album first.. and as i said before, this will happen soon as she's done with the movie..

For news on the new album Guy said:
she is currently listening to new music.. and is very eager to make a new album!!!
most of the music madonna is liking for new album are from all unknown producers. from what she played me, the tracks sound amazing

On the chance that Blond Ambition and Re-Invention Tour will make it onto DVD:
I never said no to releasing the dvds. I only said there were no plans for it.. I met with warner this last week to discuss it..
this wont be quick at all. its a long process, at least the dvd conversation has begun. I wish it was easier.
We had our first meeting about dvd's, with the intention of making it happen, but this will take some time.
also, we have no idea what has been shot and what hasn't.. We have no idea the quality of the footage.. This will be a process!

On Madonna's drive to make new music and not stop:
I would love to let her rest, but she is eager to get into studio and get working on an album. I'm not pushing.. This is all her!

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He said too that the new album will be DANCE


The initial intent was to release the Re-Invention Tour DVD, then they decided to do the IGTTYAS DVD. The footage is all there, so their should be no major delay. As far as Blond Ambition, again the lasers for both Japan and France are out there so I'm sure they could easily make that happen. The only one that could be in question is the Virgin Tour but if they could beautifully remaster Gone With the Wind (1939) and The Wizard of Oz (1939) then the Virgin Tour should not be an issue.


Reinvention was never released as a concert film. They release "I'm gonna teel you a secret" but that one doesn't feature the full length show.


reinevention was released years ago on DVD. what is he talking about?


We've heard it all before.

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