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Express Yourself: International Download Day

Help us make Madonna #1 on iTunes with Express Yourself. Spread the word....

'The Time is Now'. That's what Madonna taught us. Everyone is talking about Express Yourself right now. For this reason, a small group of Madonna fans jumped on the chance to create an even that will show their true love for the One and Only Queen of Pop.
The initiative has a rather specific objective: to bring together the most fans possible in the Facebook event 'Express Yourself: International Download Day'. Once they have reached a high number of participants, a specific date will be set and in that moment thousands of people should go on iTunes and buy 'Express Yourself', a piece of history that no less than 22 years ago tore through the international charts.
Imagine for one moment what it would be like if the song made it back to the top of the digital store's charts after all of this time. For sure, knowing Madonna who is known for her extraordinary ways, we can expect anything from her followers.
'What we Madonna fans who are participating in the event care most about is showing everybody how this eclectic group of people is able to organize something like this and carry it out, while sending a clear and positive message out to the lady who changed the history of music. Behind these profiles, tweets, avatars and so on, Madonna's people is on on the move, and this time we are going to do it right.'

Come on Madonna Fans, Do you believe in love:
'Cause I got Something to say about it,
And it goes something like this.

To join the event visit:


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Amazing this project!


Hello...for this great and wonderful idea we should all unite....this information should be shared by all fans, in as many websites, and forums as possible....Please send this info to the other Madonna Fan Sites, like,,, etc...The more we all organize across the board...the more successfull this event will be...UNITED WE STAND...MADONNA I LUV U


Everybody should join the event on 17th MARCH 2011.
Please remember to download the tune off the CELEBRATION double-cd compilation.
We all must download it off the same album: CELEBRATION double cd.

Buffy Boy

when is the date... can't seem to find that, and what recording? Like stated above... so many to choose from. I would imagine the original.

john Suddes

I will join up tonight


this is the date of this event....
look this youtube video:



Should have hit the top in 1989... would be awsome if it made it in 2011

bobby blue

This will only work if we all download from the same file. Will it be from the Like A Prayer album, Immaculate Collection, or Celebration album? You've got to decide & link everyone to the same file.


Awesome idea. I'm there!

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