Madonna Plans to Present her Feature Film 'W.E,' at Cannes
Reps for Madonna’s film ‘W.E.’ deny it will be screened at Cannes

Vote: Queen of Pop - Keep Voting!

German-Franco culture TV channel ARTE are asking fans to vote for who they think is the ultimate Queen of Pop! Fans have a choice to vote for a singer from each decade - Madonna can be found in the 80's.

Madonna is currently in second place to Nena (about 2000 votes behind) so please keep voting until the poll closes on Sunday 30 January evening.

At the end of the vote the channel will show 10 documentaries of 10 winners - and then they will have a big show at the end where you can vote for the ulimate winner.

Visit to vote for Madonna (in the 1980's).

Thanks to Andreas


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Black Heart

why they keep such poll like this wherein the entire world really crowned Madonna as the Queen of Pop? enough please.....

Mark Allen

I've never even heard of Nena.


this can not possibly happen to the queen Madonna is the Nina you never hear about it and remember if I heard n madonna is known worldwide even in my country that want to unmold for another person is known to madonna!
'Madonna is the only


Stop with sh**! I don't even know Nena...btw gaga's fans are voting for her cause they hate Madonna and that's all!




Thx 4 letting us know;)
I just got done voting i was kinda confused on what i was doing b/c everything was in french but then i got the hang of it.
Thank god for google translate... lol.
I was also confused & shocked to see that Nena is currently in the lead for 80's Pop Queen, i mean literally wtf much!?
I also didn't agree on the candidates for each of the decades, there were a couple Pop singers missing like umm hello Cher!
& well others that definately shouldn't be there for instance: Lily Allen (seriously what a joke), Beyonce & ppl i haven't really heard of.
Also Donna Summer i mean really? don't get me wrong i love, love Donna Summer but we all know she's the Queen of Disco not Pop!
Anyways here are my votes for each decade:

1) 1960's - Nobody (I mean really? Aretha Franklin & Diana Ross? - to me they're not pop they're more R&B/Soul/Disco. I didn't know alot about the other "Pop Divas")

2)1970's - Deborah Harry (More Pop than any of the other candidates & well b/c i love Blondie!!)

3) 1980's - Obviously Madonna!! (Good Candidates but i mean come on Nena?!)

4) 1990's - Mariah Carey (I know ppl are gonna h8 me for this... i mean yeah sure Mariah is more R&B/Hip-Hop but to tell you the truth i saw it as fair i mean why not Britney Spears umm maybe b/c i never really was a fan of hers not even when i was in jr. high school, oh & b/c she had just started literally late 90's hello 1999)

5) 2000 - Rihanna (I was gonna vote for Gwen Stefani but i noticed she was losing by alot, she was pretty much my first choice - no lie. I would've voted for Lady GaGa b/c she's more Pop but i think she has ALOT to prove & well i mean seriously she just started to me she's no Queen maybe a Drag Queen at times... lol. i think she just bites-off Madonna's Style & she's alil' bit no wait... alot over her head)

In my opinion the Only Queen of Pop is & 4ever will be: Madonna!!


Nena?! Oh hell no!


Ok vote but recognise that Nina ahead of Madonna is absolutely ridiculous.

In addition, this is a false game as I thought you was supposed to vote just one time as you have to transmit your email.

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