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Vanilla Ice: 'Dating Madonna was exciting'

Vanilla Ice has revealed that he dated Madonna when he was 24-years-old and she was 33.
The rapper admitted that it was 'exciting' to have a relationship with an older woman but said he ended it when Madonna published her 1992 coffee-table book Sex, which featured intimate photographs of the pair and images of her with other men.
'Going out with Madonna was exciting,' he told the News of the World. 'She was older than me and a great lover. She's still the oldest person I've ever been with, so it was an experience.'
'But I broke up with her after she printed that book because I was hurt to be an unwitting part of this slutty package. It was disgusting and cheap. We were in a relationship yet it looked like she was screwing all these other people.'
'I thought she was taking pictures and running round naked because she was like that. Then when the book came out I was so embarrassed and ashamed. It was a porno. She threw me in like I was a product off a shelf and I didn't appreciate it. That was it and I ended it. She said she didn't have sex with these men but it looked like she was.'
Vanilla Ice stars in the new series of Dancing On Ice, which starts tonight at 6.30pm on ITV1.

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Oh, wah wah! OMG, what an idiot. He had to sign consent to be in the book, but maybe he forgot about that. Just like the world forgot about him once he was riding The Queen's coat tails. Dumb ass.


I think he knew what he was doing but he thought he was the only one. He was in for the kink but didn't like it when he found out he wasn't the only stud!!

Jerry Stevenson

That is some funny shit, LMAO ROTF!!
Good goin Vanilla you had no clue! "Oh that's Madonna she justs walks naked all day taking pictures" You new exactly what she was doin. I knew she was making Sex and that was back in the day with no internet.


wow ! I have to admit vanilla is seriously 'smart' for not having a clue who he was with. And after 10 years his "something" told him that sex book is just a piece of her work? Congratulations for breaking up with the smartest woman ever, the most beautiful, and admired. Hey there are pscycologist that can help with the trauma of taking the most supid desision ever ! poor you. I would give my life and after life, and the one that follows to just .... meet her! forget the rest !


oopsss.... DOI*


He will be in DWTS......of course he is talking now.


One hit Nobody vanilla brown ice, u should be honored that THE GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME *M* gave u time of day. How much $ do you have in ur bank account? Do u even have a bank account? The Sex Book - why is it that people r still so closed closed minded. M opened the doors for all artist to EXPRESS themselves, she was the first n only to have balls to EXPRESS. SO VANILLA brown ice tuck ur tail between ur legs (oops u can't) run n hide in ur trailer while *M* continues evolving n doing Great things for the charities she supports, runs & donates. What have u done? Peace to all living men n animals, conserve our EARTH. :P


Oh my God... Vanilla Ice. How low can you go. That guy actually fucked up Bowie & Queen's Under Pressure. I guess her father is right, she should start acting her age...or take relationships or commitment more seriously
than she's doing now or obviously did in the past.

Black Heart

After a decade he will comment on what happened? I guess he just embarrased because the book only published "some" of his picture with his "ding" hanging. :)

He should sued Madonna then if he has no idea. Vanilla you can't fool anyone now. Why don't you date Debbie Gibson instead. :)

Lyrical A.I.

I don't think she just threw him into the book...i think that when he saw the book he just didn't like it and regretted being a part of it. Even we knew about the book long before it was released so unless he was under hypnosis or something...he must have had an idea that people just don't do those things for fun with a camera crew filming. But then again...he was 24 and maybe a bit high. Having said all of a life-long Madonna fan - I think the SEX book is one of the stupidest ideas she has ever conceived. A complete waste of time that took away any air of mystery she once had. He was right when he said that it was cheap and disgusting. I wish she used her time back then to do something a bit more creative. A book full of naked photos...big deal!


wot an idiot..

Juan Pablo

vanilla who???


What an absolute loser.... as if he didn't get anything from being with her, one hit wonder. He can't really criticise Madonna for cheapness, when he is happy to disclose details to the world about his relationship with her...

Rachel Australia

Even though he's an idiot, I'd still do him...


Oh don't kid yourself. I'm very sure Madonna's lawyers got him to sign off on the use of those pictures. He knew what was happening.

John Suddes

want publicity for a show mention Madonna's name!!!

Go back to obscurity Vanilla slice!

Jim McDermott

...and that is why Vanilla Ice is a has-been, and why Madonna is a mega-icon that is still relevant. ;o)


I thinks he's trying to play innocent. How could he be that oblivious?


Vanilla Ice is an Idiot.

Mark Williams

Oh Please. ...really? Using the term Slutty, is a bit passe, tired, ..and boring. Its 2011, and your just now coming forward with this tidbit of information? me ...your still Holding on to a coattail that I am sure at 20something, you were riding on, to begin with. ...Don't slip on that ICE ....Baby!

Adam Snyder

What an idiot! So he didn't happen to notice all the crew taking these pics and filming video of the photos he appered in? I'm sure he was more than happy to be a part of this at the time, the pics sure say so anyway:)


ICE is so dumb seriously.


sounds like Vanilla ice is looking for some kind of publicity. I mean come on... he knew what he was getting into when he was doing the sex book and what her plans were. I mean COME ON!


Ok, I don't buy Vanilla Ice's story that he thought Madonna just was the type to run around naked and take pictures. Wouldn't he sign a model release form, because she published the photos. He is a D List celebrity and I would say he is just trying to get a little more publicity.


This guy shouldn't speak.

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