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And we know this story is definitely true how exactly?

It does make me laugh:

- negative story about M, and the fans rant that it can't be true (without knowing one way or another)

- positive story about M, and the fans are gushing about it (again, without knowing one way or another whether the story is true)!

Black Heart

I really don't understand why people tagged a good deeds as a bad one..... I wish these negative people do something right for the children....


I do hope this dont go tits up or she will be getting loads of coverage! harking back to the baby snatcher rubbish.
Sounds like a much better idea opening more schools that all children can attend.
Good luck Madonna


well done madge. good for you :)


This news story barely got any coverage, its funny how the media in the uk seem to always highlight negative scathing news about Madonna but never pick up on the good she does.


WOW!! She really doesn't do things by halfs. She really cares and you can tell she is 100% commited to help!

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