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Madonna to buy stake in London nightclub?

Madonna has been in negotiations to buy a stake in a London nightclub Aura Mayfair.
The pop superstar met with Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes to discuss buying a stake in his company, The Aura Group, which owns several nightspots including Aura Mayfair.
An associate of the singer told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: 'Madonna sees it as a natural move. She has ambitious plans.'
The 'Material Girl' hitmaker is a regular visitor to the exclusive club - which is owned by Fernandes, events and motorsport entrepreneur Jonny Dodge and Supper Club proprietor Alberto Barbieri - and is believed to be keen to put her own influence into the venue.
If Madonna does become a stakeholder in Aura she will be able to count her ex-husband Guy Ritchie as a business rival as he owns The Punchbowl pub in the exclusive area of the city.


Madonna was pictured visiting the Aura nightclub in London last night with Brahim Zaibat - to view the pictures visit


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Such idiocy from contactmusic.

Pubs and clubs are not rivals, especially a pub like the Punchbowl.

Still, journalism and 'well publish any old tat' are not rivals either...

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