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US megastar Madonna is 'very likely' to present extracts of her new film 'W.E' in a private screening on the sidelines of the Berlin film festival next month, organizers said on Friday.
'It is very likely that she will come to Berlin, but it has nothing to do with the festival. As far as we know, she is presenting her latest film on the sidelines of the festival,' said a Berlinale spokesman.
'She has rented a cinema for a private screening at the European Film Market (EFM),' running in parallel to the Berlinale, which runs from February 10 to 20, added the spokesman.
An EFM spokeswoman was unable to confirm the superstar's appearance but said she understood that excerpts would be shown in Berlin to a select audience.
Berlin daily newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that the screening would take place during the first week of the Berlinale.
According to another Berlin newspaper, BZ, the official premiere of the film is planned for the Cannes Film Festival in May.
The movie, directed by Madonna, alternates between 1936 and 1998 and is about two women with similar names, Wallis Simpson, the American lover of British King Edward VIII, and New Yorker Wally Winthrop.
The Berlinale was the scene for Madonna's directorial debut in 2008, when she presented 'Filth and Wisdom,' about a Ukrainian immigrant financing his dreams of rock glory by moonlighting as a cross-dressing dominatrix.



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Black Heart

make the movie available around the world....


As much as I 'LOVE' Madonna and her career, her vision, etc!!! I think, & it pains me to say this, that she's drying up, career wise. I've found that she's stagnating with her image which is so sad and I think this movie is a fine example of it. More so, I smell a flop!!!

I wish she would just focus on what she does best, making awesome & memorable music for her fans!!! If she is going into the film industry, yet again, I she would create something that will inspire us all pay $15.00 to see it at the cinema i.e. Evita.


Sounds exciting. The Berlinale is the perfect environment for her. A glamourous premiere in Cannes, the greatest film festival in the world, would also be cool.

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