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Madonna to to take Glee cast on tour?

Kylie ditched for Madonna in Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is to have a few changes for its Broadway debut.
The West End show features numerous mentions of Kylie Minogue but bosses of the hit musical are replacing Kyles with Madonna’s name in the US version.
My mole tells me: 'Kylie’s not a household name in the States so they needed an equally fabulous gay icon for the show. Madonna was the obvious choice.'

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Always been a big fan of Madona first time i've ever heard of this Kylie guess she's rally not big in the states

Kamera CCTV

Kylie compare to Madonna? It's like common citizen and queen. The power to rock the world is still in Madonna's hand.


I don't know why this is all of a sudden 'news'. The references to Madonna were incorporated in the Toronto version of the musical during its 3 month run which finished early january. The Toronto run was the warm up for Broadway.

Jerry Stevenson

I'm not sure what this exactly means but I think Kylie is great and they should keep it original from down under. I'm a huge M fan but I would like to see Kylie more in the US. It's all about money unfortunately and they know Madonna sells here.


I wonder if the Madonna references in 'Priscilla' will refer to how many times she not taken in Australia as part of her "world" tours... However, now that LiveNation has official operations/connections in Australia, I'd bet my bottom Aussie Dollar that M will somehow find that she can, indeed, take her next tour to both Australia and Japan...

Just a (cynical) thought.


If you search on Wikipedia, They used Kylie songs to be performed in the show. Now that the show will be in the US they have decided to swap out the Kylie songs for Madonna songs for the reason they mentioned above. The above article was very vague and seemed to be written with the purpose of cause unnecessary speculation. :-)


This is entirely accurate!! The film contained ABBA songs but they were not allowed to use them for the show! And when are Kylie fans going to realise that outside of the UK and Australia, she has had very mediocre success... She is not a global icon and cannot even compare to Madonna!! its ludicrous that Kylie fans even think of her on the same level as Madonna, Madonna is a global corporation, an icon for nearly 30 years shes inspired everyone from Kylie to GaGa. I think its only right they replace her for America, nobody over there really knows her, Kylies 6 date US tour just about fills theatres... Well, music halls! Kylie just isnt a patch on Madonna, it should have been Madonna from the outset!


I always Thought Kylie was a "poor man's Madonna" anyway!


@ Tina, I think you missed the point...they said MORE familiar...Madonna is a million times more of a reference than kylie would ever be! to be honest aside from "the locomotion" and "Can;t get you out of my head" kylie is unknown and has very little status for the US audiences..and no honey not only Gay people go to broadway shows so while Kylie is a bit popular with the US Gays...with the rest of the population that makes 90% of the population do not know miss Minogue that well. so def Madonna was the logical choice..I am surprise they used kylie to begin with...while Madonna is far more popular and Iconic is not even funny.


sorry disagree.. kylie's name is practically nothing in the states, and she's a mere gay icon when compared to madonna, or cher or judy g..


This report is not entirely accurate. In the film, references were largely to ABBA, but many were changed to Kylie in the stage show. In view of the fact that Jason Donovan played Tic in the West End, it added even more mileage to the Kylie references!

I hasten to add, I imagine that the majority of people who go to see Priscilla on Broadway will be more than familiar with Kylie...! ;-)

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