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Ex-trainer slams Madonna for opening her own gym

Katy Perry sparks holy row with Madonna

Pop saucepot Katy Perry has torn a strip off of Madonna over her habit of using religion to generate controversy.
Devout Christian Katy, whose parents are pastors, singled Madge out as she criticised pop stars for using biblical imagery for dramatic effect.
She said: 'For me, spirituality is something very important and I don't like it when people take it lightly.'
'At times, I don't understand why there are artists who play that card, like when Madonna gets up on a cross to sing.'
Obviously Katy doesn't have such a problem with the sexy side of Madonna's schtick though, judging by her own skimpy outfits and saucy image.
And it seems Katy doesn't confine her religious policing to the music world - because she's admitted getting hubby Russell Brand to tone down some of his routines.
She said: 'Russell has made very blasphemous jokes in the past, but he's making fewer all the time because he knows that I am very sensitive about this subject.'

From Eleven UK - thanks to Kevin


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This is coming from a woman who sings about kissing a girl and liking it. I can't stand self-righteous people.


She wasn't creating an arguement or a "row" here. She was just stating her own opinion. I mean there was probably many artists out there she was referring to, she just stated Madonna as an example. Why do people have to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm just sayin.....

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