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Ex-trainer slams Madonna for opening her own gym

Katy Perry sparks holy row with Madonna

Pop saucepot Katy Perry has torn a strip off of Madonna over her habit of using religion to generate controversy.
Devout Christian Katy, whose parents are pastors, singled Madge out as she criticised pop stars for using biblical imagery for dramatic effect.
She said: 'For me, spirituality is something very important and I don't like it when people take it lightly.'
'At times, I don't understand why there are artists who play that card, like when Madonna gets up on a cross to sing.'
Obviously Katy doesn't have such a problem with the sexy side of Madonna's schtick though, judging by her own skimpy outfits and saucy image.
And it seems Katy doesn't confine her religious policing to the music world - because she's admitted getting hubby Russell Brand to tone down some of his routines.
She said: 'Russell has made very blasphemous jokes in the past, but he's making fewer all the time because he knows that I am very sensitive about this subject.'

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Urgh, Katy perry said this ages ago people...

A Peers

La Perry was raised bye evangelicals, for crying out loud. How much more literal and single-minded can you get? Crucifixions are not religious; they're a universal symbol of punishment and humiliation. Anyway, this girl needs to stick to her molases and thank her lucky stars she got out of the trailer park!


I really wish the media would STOP picking up on these flippant comments, which are really nothing more than sound bites. If the media did that, then we wouldn't be subjected to this sensationalist journalism.
It sends the message out that all an 'artist' has to do is throw a name in like Madonna, and it becomes news-worthy. Oh pullleeeeze!


If I were Katy I'd be careful with her talking these days. None of the other female artists are getting on her case as for her she's blabbing!!! be careful Katy, a lot of artists who've bad mouthed Madonna have faced dilemmas that's cost them their careers.
e.g. Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Dolores O'riordan, Jennifer Lopez, you name 'em!!!


Katie is like grape jelly.. its there in the fridge... but you ever really use it???


She's so full of hypocrisy...

Lili Murphy

ms perry or Mrs brand how ever you care to address her i don't care! What I do find interesting is she has married a man who was sacked from the BBC because he left rude messages on an 80 year old mans answer phone telling him all the crude and rude things he had done with his grand daughter. she is just attacking M because she know it will bring column inches and more publicity to her her fledgling career.
She should go and kiss the girls and take her cherry chap stick and stick where the sun done shine! I actually liked her but this statement is bull crap...

Jerry Stevenson

Katy Perry nailed herself to the cross, so to speak, with this rant. I will no longer see her as a great artist. I know that a lot of people will agree with Ms. Perry but I certainly do not. Artists are inspired by religious iconography all the time. Just look at Michelangelo. I'm sure people in his day said the same things sometimes. The finest works of art in the world reflect upon mortality which in turn conjures up religious symbology. Sometimes these symbols and myths need to be used in order to convey a meaning which is intangible to rational thought or linguistic form. It is unfortunate that meek minded people and religious zealots claim ownership of these things and see them as forbidden. There is a reason why Madonna is one of the greatest pop icons ever. Maybe Katy Perry should take notes. I think this comment really is going to be a testament to her fate, unfortunately.


Katy has a lot to dont mess with Our Maddy!


I can't stand self-righteous people either! When Madonna incorporates spirituality in her work, whether it be in Live to Tell,
The Look of Love, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Nobody's Perfect, Nothing Fails and both Bedtime and Confessions versions of Forbidden Love-among her more Spirit-driven pieces, she is using Rock as a vehicle for understanding and transcendence that we should love one another. Perry, on the other hand is only using her religion to sell records. One more thing-there is a big difference between Contemporary Christian
"praise-and-worship" music and real authentic gutbucket Gospel, of which Madonna has hidden deep roots because she actually feels herself in the music. Unfortunately for Perry, her type of praise-and-woship sensual pop does absolutely nothing for me! So there's not a chance in heaven or hell that she will measure up the Immortal Rocker, Madonna Ciccone!

Black Heart

whatever.... did we asked for an opinion?

Dean Ismai

i think she is referring to Confessions Tour, when Madonna sang Live To Tell. Well, it's about context of what the sequence of that particular performance is about.
There was Forbidden Love, where two guys : one with Islam symbol and the other with Jewish symbol, doing an amazing dance routine depicting the complicated relationship. Also, they are men.
So, it's about religion and its impact on human relationships.
Live To Tell performed on the cross makes perfect sense in this.
HOWEVER, to see this beyond the imagery would require some kind of intelligence. And fair enough if some people fail to grasp it.
But I feel lucky to be able to appreciate that wonderful piece of performance.


What a hypocrite! How does she explain her Rolling Stone photos where a crucifix is dangling between her enormous fake breasts?

 SaintJohn Milton Fraser

katy perry needs to be more respectful to her superiors. Madonna in Vogue was respectful to hers. and u will never hear Madonna badmouthing anyone!! Madonna made it plain early in her career that her performances are theatrical. what more needs to be said? when katy connects to as many ppl as Madonna does she can talk. until then she should shut up. yes Madonna has made jokes and done things at the expense the catholic church in the past in her performances but she was merely highlighting the hypocrisy that exists in the church!! the catholic church, which she is NOT a member of, needs to do a lot more than admit it has touched boys in wrong ways. the church is simply abominable. in fact more jokes should be made of it. it gives Christ, who Madonna LOVES, a bad bad name. no wonder so many groups have left the church in protest even b4 Madonna started to detest it. the church is evil. its doctrines are twisted. they have strayed away from the original gospel. i mean there are sixty six books left in the bible after the church was done editing it as they wished. who gave them the right to take out the gospels of all the disciples save a few??? i can go on!! Madonna has always had great moral messages for us and still does. many of her unreleased songs are testimony to this fact. how about "revenge" and "across the sky" which was produced for Hard Candy but unreleased?? and there are many more!! kabbalah might i add is a form of following Christ. it was developed by the early followers of Christ (who we now call Jews) and is an in depth study of Moses' Law and the prophets who prophesied that Christ would be born. If Madonna didn't have Christs favor she wont have been this successful!!


If this statement is true, then katie should beware of something. Madonna paved the way for most of the female artists out there today. From Gaga to Rihanna, they wouldn't be able to do what they do without her breaking down many of those doors that have been sealed tight for ages. I heard the story was retracted at some point. I don't know which is true and which isn't and frankly it doesn't matter. All i will say is that if, in fact, this story is true, than Katy should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds her. Funny how many will bow down their allegiance and then when they get a little bit into the game themselves, they start to rip at the very person or thing that helped to put them there. all I'm saying is that thing s have a way of coming back to you, whether it be actions or words.


Madonna is really the only artist who has incorporated religion in her performance not because she takes it lightly though. Religion has always been such a big part of her life it really only makes sense. Her name itself sets her up for that lol


Sorry, I meant viceversa, religion doesnt equate spirituality.


Obviously, Katy is a damm hypocrite, its plain to see even to a blind. And spirituality doesnt mean religion, wake the hell up!

Ashley Williams

Um...Katy? How did your parents feel after you "kissed a girl?" If it weren't for Madonna's career you most likely wouldnt BE here. Maybe you're upset she makes more money than you and gaga put together? Or maybe when you came out as a "christian" singer and couldn't make it, you turned to "pop" and you figured mentioning Madonna's name would actually get YOURS in an article. That would be my guess.

David Ruin

clearly ms.perry doesnt understand the point of Madonna's use of religious iconography. religion and religious symbols divide people, so by using them the way Madonna does, one takes the power away from them and exposes them as distractions from the true nature of spirituality which is to recognize the interconnectedness of us as human beings and every living thing in the universe. specifically the Confessions performance of Live to Tell, was to demonstrate the alleged sacrifice made by Jesus for the sins of the world and the fact that humanity's greatest sin is turning a blind eye to the plight of children in Africa and the rest of the world.
I'd also like to add that Ms.Perry would not enjoy the success she has today, nor would she be able to parade around in the tacky outfits she wears were it not for the strides Madonna has made in her over 3 decade long career.


Oh for God's sake.


I think Katy Perry is being narrow-minded, I think she didn't understand what that performance was all about, what was Madonna's message, she totally missed it. You can¡t take Madonna's performances in a literal way, the meaning of it is behind what you see. But I guess Katy Perry knows nothing about metaphors or symbolic language.
Madonna wasn't using religion to generate controversy, she was delivering an important message in a very beautiful metaphoric way. Controversy was just a secondary effect of her performance, not the meaning of it.


A rather 'strange' angle / criticism from a Christian girl who used bisexuality and faux-lesbianism in her first song in order to court popularity! I really don't need write anything else!


Katy Perry said this a while ago, and has since retracted. She said on Twitter that this was old news drudged up by the media. :)

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