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Madonna artwork in Windsor, CT

Is Kelly Osbourne the new Material Girl?

Sunday Mirror gossip columnist Dean Piper published this story today about Kelly Osbourne alledgely being named as the new model for the Material Girl collection:

Kelly Osbourne has been chosen by Madonna to front her junior fashion brand Material Girl, I can reveal.
And I hear Kelly, who recently slimmed down to a size eight, has the queen of pop’s 14-year-old daughter Lourdes to thank. A close friend of the star said: 'Kelly’s always been a massive fan of Madonna and recently heard Lourdes idolised her, which she was very flattered by. It’s a huge coup.'



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Leonid Gurevich

I just posted the illustration of Kelly in Material Girl clothes.

Would love to hear your opinion, if you have a sec



I quite like Kelly Osbourne, it must be said, however...

When 'Material Girl' launched, it was said to be aimed at the 13-25 age bracket (which is a VERY wide age range anyhow!). Kelly is 27 this year... Momsen is 18 this year and I think her age group sits more comfortably with the brand, imho.

I just wonder how many of the younger age bracket will relate to Kelly?

John Suddes

She is not even in the age range that the clothes are aimed at


I hope not. Kelly would make those cloths look horrible. And she is a horrible role model.

Jennifer Violette

This is perfect. Taylor was a little too dark to be the spokesmodel. Kelly is fabulous!!




Yes!! Kelly is perfect for this. She’s very fashionable, stylish and cool. And of course she’s a Madonna fan and Lola is obsessed with Kelly so it’s a full circle.

Leonid Gurevich

It's a brilliant idea to use Kelly as a model for Material Girl. She is a perfect role model for teenage girls.

I am putting last finishes on my illustration of her in Material Girl clothes - will upload in few days.



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