Katy Perry sparks holy row with Madonna
Madonna 'likely' to present new film in Berlin

Ex-trainer slams Madonna for opening her own gym

Madonna's former trainer Tracy Anderson has criticized the Queen of Pop's decision to open her own fitness gym.
Anderson is disappointed that the popstar has opened her first Hard Candy Fitness gym in Mexico.
'I knew she was going to be doing it,' the Daily Mail quoted Anderson as telling Britain''s Star magazine.
'I could put my name on a gym and put them all over the world if I wanted to, but that would be irresponsible to what I do.'
'I think we all know when a celebrity is going to do something that is in an industry that they're not in, they're just doing an endorsement and that's fine.'
'But I think that you wouldn't want to go to a man who plays a doctor on TV to get prescribed something, would you?' the trainer added.
Madonna parted ways with Anderson, who was credited with sculpting her age-defying body, in 2009 after three years.
The decision to split comes shortly after the executive director of Madonna's Raising Malawi charity handed in his notice after falling in love with Tracy.

From newKerala.com


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I dont think Tracy is bitter, I mean Madonna is capable of doing things that can upset (sometimes on purpose) people, even though I love M.....there is always two sides to a story

Mark Sugars

Tracey's comments about Madonna are for her own personal gain. How cheap.


Totally agree with all of you guys ;)
She should thank Madonna! Now she is famous!


Sounds like she is bitter...who better than to pick out gym equip and trainers? Madonna is def the queen of fitness

Pablo Cancino

What an envious person Tracy is, there will always be harshful comments on artists choices, weather they are financial or not, they always need to slam them, I´m not able to afford Madonna´s gym here in México, but just with the fact of listening Madonna´s songs all day at the gym i would be pleased instead of Lady Gaga o Rihana who disliked me, we all love Madonna!


I think she's a little bit envious...


Tracey seems bitter.....good call Madonna to ditch her

Black Heart

she is just crying on a spilled milk. another critic who hates competition and spreading a good objective.

a trainer can pass his/her learning to his/her students. so there is nothing wrong with that. obviously the Queen will not be doing the routine on all HC gym around the world. she will hire better trainers for that matter.


A trainer is nice, but having the equipment with someone there to show me how to use it when I ask and at an affordable price is all you need.


the daily mail.... now there's reliable source ( hint of my sarcasm). The daily mail is basically britian's version of The Globe or the National Enquirer here in the United States.

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