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Material Girl Collection to launch in Canada


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I think that the press is constantly speculating about Madonnas aging, but i think she looks amazing, Definitely is a mature woman, but she tells us that life doesn´t stop after forties, nither fifties or sixties. People stuburn opinion make it seem she tries to fight hard against it as if it were harder every day, but a real fight is not based on sacrifice but in a spiritual, mental and phisycal balance, which she manages.

Vanesa San Emeterio

Being at a "relationship crossroad" in my life right now I can definitely relate to this article. I sometimes obsess about my most profound past relationships and question myself over and over again about what the hell happened. We don't realize how rash and compulsive we women (specially us ARTSY ones) can behave sometimes. Hopping from one relationship to the next has been a mistake for me; and I have learned that I must first learn to be at peace and embrace romantic solitude by being "romantic" with myself. Doing things I like to do. Sex is awesome; but, it is most definitely creatively and physically straining. That's the last thing Madonna needs...she needs to give us a NEW/FRESH piece of her mind. We, faithful fans will never let her down. Tap into our collective consciousness and wow us over and over...


Hey! I am single too!!!


As much as we support Madonna and happy to see snippets of news we like...we cant believe everything we read either. Some of the quotes she allegedly said through the "friend" as per the reporter are things that would definitly not come out of Madonna's mouth.


Wow, that article was awesome. It made me cry! Most of all to know how good friends Madonna and guy still are. Randy always managed to make her look like a regular human being, which she is after all. A supernatural regular girl.

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