Madonna to open luxury gym for Moscow elite
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I agree. She needs a haircut. I miss the blonde curls from Dick Tracy.

Troy Campbell

has anyone ever thought that the original picture may have been squished without keeping the aspect ratio intact to make it fit in the print media where it needed to go and that all of this bru ha ha, negative comments, ridicule and pleads to stop ruining her face could be becasue of a lazy graphic designer. Its the only pictures she looks this way in.


I'm a big fan ever since 84.... but I agree... her face looks awfull....
I loved the Madonna small cheeks and now it's gone. Okay, when you grow older, your face changes, but I'ld rather see a Madonna with wrinkles and very small cheeks, than this picture shows....
Please Madonna, stop doing this to yourself plz?!


the change between the august 2010 photo and the november 2010 photo is undeniable. Way too much filler in the cheeks. She looked incredible in the august 2010 photo. it's one thing to work out and stay in shape, and even have a little work done here and there, but when the work is very obvious and you are starting to look like every other hollywood person out there then maybe your doing too much. I just hope Madonna does not begin changing her appearance so much that she is unrecognizable. She is a natural beauty and has only gotten better as she has matured in age..... until now.


in reply to 'test'-im not hating-ive been a fan forever-what i look like has nothing to do with it!!! no where in my comment did i say i was perfect!!! i actually said madonna was beautiful.its just very sad to see her feeling the need to bow to peer pressure to look young!! shes naturally stunning without surgery-thats my point.madonna has always been a very strong leader-not a follower.i dont want to see her turn into a freak like so many stars do that start messing around with surgery-or die through it-like some do.xx


She is more than perfect. Do what you want Madonna.

Ique in Vogue

I hate the buzz that press do with her boyfriends, Like it was her career, not music.


Madonna is perfect.


love madonna to death. always have and always will, but i agree. she is using filler in her cheeks OR SOMETHING. the skin is flawless and beautiful but she's certainly changing the shape of her face so that she doesn't look like herself. grow older gracefully!!! easier said than done i'm sure, but M is gorgeous and doesn't have to try so hard.

Cynthia Roxane Angel

Brave you say? I say young...


And not that the hairdo is doing her any favour either...


stop hating!!!!!!!!!!! what do you look like huh?


i have to agree about the 'cartoon' comments.she looks awful!!!!she's all swollen & chubby looking!!! she has definately had something done to her cheeks & lips-& not in a good way.please madge-dont turn into a caracature of yourself.your far too beautiful-dont throw it away for vanity & just to try & look younger.please stop-NOW!!!!!!!xx

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