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Queen of Pop given royal treatment on Virgin Atlantic flight

Like a virgin? Try liked by Virgin.
Madonna and her entourage were let off a Virgin Atlantic plane that was stuck on a snowy tarmac two hours before any of the other passengers, according to London's Daily Mail.
The flight from New York was originally destined for London's Heathrow Airport but instead landed at Stansted Airport due to bad weather, where the plane sat for about three hours, said the Daily Mail.
'As the plane was diverted to Stansted due to very difficult weather conditions, disembarkation was delayed while ground staff waited for buses to transport customers back to London Heathrow,' said a statement from Virgin Atlantic. 'We apologize for any inconvenience this diversion caused, but for safety reasons this action was unavoidable.'
According to other first-class passengers, Madonna and her associates were let off the plane first and were taken by bus to the terminal, said the story.
Virgin said in their statement, 'It is common across airlines that business and first-class passengers disembark first and this is reflected in the higher cost of the ticket.'
Still, no other first-class passengers were allowed off the flight for another two hours, though they were reportedly treated to a performance from the Queen of Pop herself, passengers told the Daily Mail - a yoga performance in the aisles, that is.

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Virgin doesn't have a first class, and Madonna flies British Airways. This article is a bit odd - Daily Mail? Please.


I hate airliners... I hate to flight in tourist class... They doesn't let them to be evacute from the aircraft to the terminal. X( Buuu for Virgin!!!!
Yay for M!!!


If you can get special treatment, especially on a commercial airplane, then why not??? I have to side with Madonna on this one. Work it girl!


Since when is Madonna doing yoga again?

Ashley Williams

i would sit on that tarmac all damn day just to say i rode on the same plane as Madonna.


she should get off the plane first. she is the queen after all. where's the problem?
seriously though, i agree with mondoj. people will complain about EVERYTHING. if those people had money to get a bus there 1st, they would be off 1st and wouldn't look back. get over it. there are more important things to worry about in life.


Seriously people would complain about anything!!! Madonna does, they should be impressed! Fair dues to M for being herself and not giving a shite whats anyone thinks, they should have taken a leaf out of her book they would have been off that plane too :)


yoga in the aisles?! I'm not sure I believe this...

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