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Madonna Tells Fans: 'I Need To Make New Music!'

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé may be readying new material, but there's another woman in the pop-star hierarchy that's itching for a comeback: Madonna.
After a year that included a collaborative clothing line with her daughter, Lourdes, and directing a new film, the Queen of Pop is looking to head back into the studio to make some dance tunes.
In a message posted on her Facebook page early Friday morning (December 17), the singer wrote, 'Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the lookout for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying....'
This isn't the first time the 51-year-old pop star has opened up about working on the follow-up to 2008's Hard Candy. When BBC's Radio 1 caught up with her a few weeks ago, Madonna spoke about what she has up her sleeve in the near future, saying, 'I have a movie I have to finish. I have a new record I have to make. I have more gyms to open.'
While the singer admitted she hasn't done any recording for the project, she did reveal that she's planning to collaborate with other artists for the LP. However, it may be awhile before fans find out about her collaborations: For now, she's keeping them secret.
Despite not hearing any new tunes from Madonna, America got a good dose of her classics earlier this year when 'Glee' dedicated an entire episode to the star. And, as the hit Fox show's seven-track The Power of Madonna EP topped the Billboard albums chart, it was evident that fans cherish her music.


Who do you think Madonna should collaborate with on her next album? Hit the 'Comments' button below and let us know!


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Moby! Moby!


Jay Z!!!!

David Cowan

I hope Madonna is reading this, there are some great ideas on here. I absolutely agree with the people who were disappointed with the Hard Candy album because Madonna went too mainstream, working with hit making machine acts. Would love Madonna to write with Patrick Leonard again and work with a live band, rather than all computers. I also want more traditional 'verse, chorus and bridge' arranged songs. In terms of production, I think Madonna should head north to Scandinavia and work with the producers of artists like Robyn, Annie and the Cardigans. It would be really interesting I think. I miss songs like Over and Over and Where's the Party...(but that's why I have those 2 on my IPod.)


Source new talent!

Don't work with the people everyone else is working with.

Madonna's supposed to lead, not follow.

That being said, I'd love to see a collaboration with Trent Reznor or Marilyn Manson. Something new.


Stuart Price
William Orbit
Lady Gaga
Confessions, Brill. Hardy Candy, not so. Electro to go.


Madonna if your going to use computers with your new sound please use them only to create the blueprint of the music you want to make. Then use live studio musicians to actually record the music live. Your early albums have a passion and aliveness to them that your more recent albums (tho good) do not have. your voice sounds tooo perfect. to synthsized. We know you got pipes. Use them record the songs live with live musicians playing instruments as in "like a virgin." etc. I'm not saying don't make it cool or far out, just sing live, record live musicians. Do a studio album like you do a live album and you will rocket to the top of the charts. Mark my words. With love kevin


Maybe someone Australian...

Sia is pretty cool right now and she is quite deep.

The Presets have a very dark dance vibe going for them.

I think the Scissor Sisters would be awesome fun, or GoldFrapp, or even Bjork again!


Deadmau5 is a great suggestion. Madge needs to make it fresh. Stay away from mainstream artist/prod. Hard Candy was her worst album by far....

Ray of Light, Confessions... the best.

I would like her to have a more underground sound. Take it mainstream - that is what she is known for...

Stuwart Price was awesome ... Mirwais was awsome.. Orbit was awsome...

Put Gaga to shame!! Baby.. you know you can.


There have been some interesting suggestions made; however I would plead with Madonna not to venture into any more duets or ‘Madonna featuring…’ as they are poor in comparison to the bulk of her solo work.
We all know Madonna is not one to tread over old ground so sadly working with William Orbit, Stuart Price or Mirwais is very unlikely. Although, I would love for her sit down with pen and paper in hand and once more write with Patrick Lennord and Shep Pettibone for lyrical content and theme; as some of her strongest work was with these guys.
I would then love Madonna to work with the likes of Bear McCreary for the composition and structure of the material which would be classical in nature (think Frozen but heavy on strings and percussion) he has an amazing ability to ad drama to all his work. Throw into the mix Daft Punk, Royksopp and Deadmau5 for some sophisticated beats and catchy dance rifts and have Kleerup (who has produced the bulk of Robyn’s finest work) not only produce but work along side of Madonna as an executive producer.

Michael Burke

I was a bit dissapointed that Madonna collaborated with artists who were already taking over the charts in the Hard Candy album. Her gift is dipping into the underground and bringing something new and fresh to the table. So whoever she works with next should have that element of surprise. However if she is going to collaberate with someone who is in the mainstream, something steamy with Rihana would be good. Go back to your gay roots, its where you shine best!!!


Definately Patrick leonard. also david guetta and william orbit. that would be the best pop/melodic/dance album ever. Cmon Madonna- do it. do it. just do it. I see yet another No.1 album on the horizon...!!!




i think the collaboration with royksopp and daft punk will be great,new music and even a new madonna

Joel Paul

Definitely Dolly Parton....The queen of pop needs to collaborate with the queen of country...They're both first class acts...


Bnot Nehama and Mosh Ben Ari. Israeli artists.


Diplo! She should definitely work with Diplo and Stitch! They did amazing things for Robyn!


wow where to start P!nk,Nicki Minaj,SHEP PETTIBONE,pat loenard,Gaga, pharell (again),eminem,lil wayne ( or reintroduce) revolver this time with a video, adam lambert,rupaul would be fun ,work with max martin he's a genius or kanye again, david guetta ,SNOOP.. Darren hayes (saage garden) boy george nnnn what i would love love love is if NIKKI HARRIS came back for this next ablum

keith castellano

madonna, doesn't need to colaberate with anyone!! i wanna hear some good pure madonna vibe stuff...i honestly liked her wen stewart price and her worked together , he was her musical directer but she wrote most of all the lyrics .... the songs were fun, some were deep, and it all had a disco sound to it, i guess im speaking of the confessions time. I agree NO mainstreem artists, its takin away from her WOWness ....and god kill me if GAGA ever sings with her. that will be the death of madonnas carreer i hope shes smart enough to realize the world basiscly thinks gaga basicly stalks madonnas style .


Madonna, just a suggestion, your next project should be a blend of electropop and classical music as Susan Boyle is the hottest UK singer right now. If you want something totally different, try that. I'd say collab with producers from South Korea and Japan with musical guests like Elton John, Cher, Sarah Brightman, Susan Boyle, Enigma, Enya, Josh Groban, Charlotte Church. The biggest events of 2011 will be your movie and the wedding of the royals, so think about that. Classical music/electropop mix will definitely go with those major events...thank me later...


@ steve | Tuesday, 21 December 2010 at 10:33 AM

Having a bad day, were we??? :-o


rihanna and nicki minaj!!!!! madonna i wish you to do the best record that anyone ever made!!!


Whoever said DFA is getting a Hi-5 right now....One section of new tour could be called "Ma-Diner" - with her as a ballsy waitress and a rock n roll vibe going on...maybe dig out 'true blue' and 'cherish' to perform :)


I really hope she does not use Timberlans/Timberlake or Pharell for this album. I really hope she makes a classic album that's mature yet fun.

A mixture of True Blue/Like a Prayer/Ray of Light/Confessions would be the perfect mix. I don't think anyone cares that she is ground breaking anymore with her new making a good pop classic is what her fans want and wanted for the last 12 years. I hope she uses old colaberators.

Here are my pick of who she should work with.

Pure Dance Pop Classics:
The Freemasons
Gloria Estefan

Electro Dance sound
Steven Bray
William Orbit
Stuart Price

Dianne Warren
David Foster
Patrick Lennord

Rock Pop sound:
The Killers
Linda Perry


How about Daft Punk. They are dance , electronica based musicians. Their Tron Legacy soundtrack is awesome.

Mark Smith

William Orbit and Patrick Leonard were great producers. I think she tried too hard on Hard Candy and the great music was lost with all of the guests. Keep it simple and real.

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