Madonna Artwork in Athens - Part 1
Madonna Artwork in Athens - Part 2

Madonna Is Britain's Most Written About Celebrity

Madonna has filled more column inches in Britain than any other celebrity over the last decade, according to new research.
The singer came top of a study to find the star who has grabbed the most headlines in U.K. print press since 2000.
The research by Kantar Media found Madonna has been mentioned a massive 46,017 times over the last 10 years, while British music mogul Simon Cowell came second with 29,888.
Kantar Media researcher Brian Merron says, 'This shows why she's hailed as a legend. That stickability factor in the consciousness of the nation marks her as a special talent and someone who is able to constantly re-invent themselves to change with the times.'



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Daniela Menezes

Madonna!! Minha Diva, minha Estrela, minha gostoosaa!!! Sou sua super fã, me identifico muito com vc, o seu jeito louco de ser, que atiça muito a imaginação. Tenho todos os seus CDs, adoro todas as suas músicas. Não sei se vc consegue me traduzir, mas sou Brasileira!! Yés, Brazilian, do Brazil!!
Um grande beijo pra vc e muito sucesso nessa sua carreira brilhante! Aliás, uma Estrela que nasceu realmente pra brilhar e nunca, perderá o seu brilho e de rainha do Pop, nunca perderá sua majestade...

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