Madonna To Open Second Hard Candy Fitness Center In Moscow
Madonna to open luxury gym for Moscow elite


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John Suddes

WOW!! I thought I would be hung out to dry for daring to speak ill of our queen lol

I am glad it is not just me that thinks this about her look now, I really hope she reads this or somebody who knows her reads this and points her to the website before it goes any further or she is going to end up quite a sad figure and for such a beautiful powerful woman it would be a horrible way to go.


Agree with all the comments here, especially John Suddes' one about how AMAZING she looked at her birthday party in London in August.

I think I am probably correct to say that M has - err - tinkered with proecedures over the years, but they have always been subtle and given fantastic results.

Google pics of anyone famous who has undergone major plastic surgery (for the immediate 'after' look) - Rupert Everet and Sharon Osbourne (as tracy pointed out) are 'good' examples - and you will see that M appears to fall into that category now.

So sad: a stunning woman who is an inspiration to so many of us. Sexiness and beauty come from within, M!!

Ashley Williams

I agree. Fan since i was 7yrs old. She could spit on the sidewalk and i'd call it art. But the injections dont look good. i dont care if she looks 27 or 77...i dont want her to do that to her face. I'm 34 now, i tried botox to fix a wrinkle in my caused my eye to droop on one side which made me look terrible. Like i was angry or sad..& my EYES are my best feature...i know its hard to mom was a model and has been a beauty ALL her life, she's now 67, DOESNT do facial work, and men STILL go crazy for her, but when you were known for beauty & sex appeal its a hard pill to see yourself mother and Madonna will ALWAYS be sexy and beautiful to me...its in the eyes...and because i love them.


totally agree with john-she looks a mess!!!! please accept your are a woman in your 50's-& you look bloody amazing-without surgery!!! im in my 30's & wpuld love to look half as good-pre surgery!!!she looks swollen & puffed up-its hideous!!! she should look at others who've had surgery-micheal jackson,sharon osbourne,pete burns-& see how freaky they look!!!she's turning into a caracature of herself-its horrible!!!!STOP IT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!xxx

John Suddes

Madonna, I hope you are reading this or some of your staff who dare actually tell you read this. I have been a fan of yours for the last 25 years and have loved almost everything you have done. You are a beautiful woman and look amazing for your age in both body and face however these most recent pictures show somebody that is almost unrecoginisable to me!! Your face look like it is about to explode it looks swollen and painful. Comapre these pics to the birthday pictured from August this year you looked stunning totally amazing and then I see these and I feel really quite sad that you feel you have to do this to yourself to stay current. You create the trends you create the looks and people folow you dont have to follow and try to be 25 again!! I feel so sad when I see you like this and i know people on here will slag me for it but I hope to god somebody tells you or asks you to stop before you go any further. xxx

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