Madonna speaks out on bullying on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show: The Unedited Interview


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Black Heart

I hope media will learn on this one. Media is the one who pushes people on a different way thus we will never ever gain that world peace we are dreaming of.


The interview brought back bad memories (being bullied ...) I think it's great Madonna speaks out about this huge problem. She has inspired me to become the strong person I am nowadays so who knows she can help someone else now...

C. Gordon

I think bullying's brilliant. I was a weirdo when I was at school like Madonna, so I joined the school jazz band with all the other weirdos. We all took it in turns as a group to gang up on one of us and MAKE THEIR LIVES HELL. Gradually, each of us all got better at holding our ground, and retorting more and more effectively, until by the time we all left school, we each were many times stronger than the people we were before. More well rounded in our personalities, and fuller in our strength of character. I now work in the film, television and the music industry, like Madonna - I wonder if she'd be here too and at her level, if she wasn't bullied?...


This urgent topic needs to be brought to the spotlight and I hope this interview helped. Madonna is still relevant and I hope people are still listening to her. Glad she and Ellen came together for this cause.


I agree, I admire her she is still bullied and she work and does her things. Whow!!!


I absolutely loved every minute of this little interview. As a matter of fact it almost brought me to tears...


thought she was going to be on the set but I liked it :D I agree with her bullying is horrible!!!!!!!!!!


Good stuff!

Pablo Cancino

Well, i think Madonna is still backing to past what in deed is not just important what she did but what she does and she still is bullied by media, because of her veins, her clothes, her lovers, her age, her lack of talent, her movies, people have never stoped to point out her acts. for me is better reference her current everyday life

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