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I personally feel very appreciative of Madonna speaking out in support of bullying, wether it be against gays or anyone for that matter. It is nice to know that a public figure whom you admire feels passionately about causes which directly affect yourself.

Black Heart

Madonna is absolutely right. I am wondering why other people wants her to get out of the picture. Is it bad for being good? She is so concern with us so if you don't believe on her, its your choice. Don't judge people, if you don't want to be judge by Him.


I think her fans want to know what state of mind she is in period and what she is working on whether musically or film or writing etc. She can be on a stage backed up by dancers and ellaborate props but sitting on a chair she still draws an audience in and in a positive way, commands our attention.


I've worshiped Madonna for ages and I love her and her work. BUT...she can sound so preachy. It's the delivery of her message I suppose. The way she sounds here is very similar to how she sounded when she wrote her children's stiff.


i think right now with everything going on with teen suicides that her music is the least important thing, and im a huge Madonna fan


Head lice? OMYGOD. She didn't really seem to be that upset about it! And scratching her head! Bless her heart, I'm surprised she admitted it. I hear there's a big bed bug infestation in NYC too. UGH...

But how sweet of her to speak out against bullying. She has children now, and I think when you have kids, you have a different perspective on life and thinking of others.

Overall, I think Madonna was good. But what everyone wanted to know she kept for last and that was it: She will get her "butt" over to the studio and do more music.....that's what her fans want.

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