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'Madonna kissed me,' dancer Carrie Ann Inaba reveals

Carrie Ann Inaba, a judge on reality television show Dancing With The Stars, claims the Erotica singer smooched her during a crazy after-show party at the end of her 1993 world tour.
'She came and she sat right here,' the TV star said, pointing at her lap. 'I was like 'Okay, I love Madonna. Hi'.'
Inaba, 42, reminisced about her time as a backing dancer on Madonna's 1993 Girlie Show world tour during an appearance on George Lopez's US chat show.
The performer, who sits alongside Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli on the Dancing With The Stars panel, told the talk show host how Madge first took he by surprise by kissing her in the middle of one of her concerts.
'We had this moment on stage where there was this huge orgy,' she explained.
'Suddenly Madonna’s coming to kiss me and I'm like 'Oh my god, Madonna's going to kiss me.''
'We kissed – it was very nice. We had this amazing kiss on stage.'
'At the very end of the tour we played truth or dare. I don't remember what happened, but when somebody dared Madonna she came by,' she said.
Although Madonna failed to ask permission for a kiss, Inaba met her gaze and the pair puckered up.



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keith castellano

old news lol, any fan of madge knows the girlie show was a crazy few on sexual taboos and homoerotic behavior it was all to make that statement "whys it so hard to love one another love ur sister lvoe ur brother" hey carrie ann did u forget u came down the poll in nothing but ur G string to start the show too lol.... one of my favorite shows maybe my favorite , but fuk kissing madonna dry humped u hhahah and carressed ur boobs lol.. madonna circa 1991-1993 was all about gay gay gay taboo taboo taboo , camp camp camp erotic erotic put ur hands all over my body type sheit and i loved every drop!


Very very beautiful.

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