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Madonna Changed My Life Essay Contest

Marla Cukor, the president of Rant & Rave Communications are sponsoring an essay contest for an (in the works) anthology about Madonna (kind of like the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series), only written by real people who have have been inspired and/or profoundly effected by Madonna.

Has Madonna - her music, her life, her personality - changed or effected your life (now or when you were growing up), in a profound or inspirational way? Tell us about it!

My name is Marla, I'm a longtime Madonna fan, and I'm currently putting together a small anthology of approximately 101 inspirational stories written by women (and a few good men), detailing (in 500 words or less), how the pop icon known to us and the world as Madonna, has in some way (big or small) positively impacted the lives of the millions of women and men who've grown up living in her 'material world.'

Some examples....
Perhaps you lost your virginity while a song of hers was playing on the radio?
Perhaps you went through a tough breakup at a time when when she was going through one as well?
Perhaps you found inspiration or strength through her example?
Perhaps you found the courage to 'reinvent' you life, just like Madonna did....

The winning essay writer with receive a one-time payment of $500, and may possibly see their essay published in a future compilation.
All essays sent in will become the property of the anthology authors and, by submitting, you agree to allow your essay to (*possibly*) be published in the forthcoming anthology.

How to submit your madonna essay: IT'S EASY!

Email your essay to (subject line): 'Madonna Essay' to:

Essays should be received no later than Friday 31 December 2010 and be no more than 500 words in length.
One person will win for best essay, the rest may or may not receive a 'honorary mention' in the form of publication in a future anthology.
The winner be chosen by completely subjective decision. The most moving, uplifting, enlightening essay wins.

For more details of the contest visit


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are men allowed to join???

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