Hard Candy Fitness Venue Preparations
Lea Michele wants Madonna on Glee


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Clothes (women's and children's), sunglasses, chidren's books, gym... diverse business woman, or someone who is acknowledging that her income as a recording artist is in severe decline (as Byron Monet pointed out)?


Most people haven't seen the Hard Candy photos. Duh. The album didn't exactly sell that well. Also, the place is called Hard Candy and those are pictures from the era.

Byron Monte

LOL...venturing into fitness? really? guess a girl has got to make a buck somehow when records don't generate the kind of money they used to...how about a new tour luv? it's only been a year or so :-)


Its quite entertaining that one (Pepper)can read my words from my comment and think there was a huge burst of aggression that was associated with it LOL.I am merely stating my opinion as well but with a heavier dose of real perspective.
Anyhow if you look at the first post, they left it as a question to answer!

Mark Allen

I would have loved to have seen a new photoshoot but these ones are appropriate though when you think about it.. Hard Candy see's Madonna in the persona of Mdolla - a female boxer and it's a gym. Clever!


OK the person who wrote the last comment seriously needs to calm down. No one is TELLING Madonna that she should have new photos. We are merely stating our opinion that new photos would have been better. That's how we feel and we're entiteld to say so.


It makes perfect sense that she would use some of the photos from the S&S tourbook. Photography is so disposable these days but looking at the diversity of these photos I get more of an appreciation for them the second time around...and lets face it, between taking care of 4 kids, doing her humanitarian work and directing & editing a film, who are you to tell her she should find the time to do a new photoshoot!


They're more than appropriate. Why waste the money and time?

Mark Allen

I agree that it would have been better if she had done a bran new photoshoot for her fitness centers but it's still amazing! I would do anything to be in Mexico on the 29th :(


I can't believe she's using the boxing pics from S&S! Why didn't she do a new photoshoot for her new fitness centers?

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