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Forbes Richest Women in Showbiz

Forbes have published a new list naming the Richest Women in Showbiz - Madonna comes in at #5 on the list:

It's Oprah Winfrey all the way again, as far as the richest women in showbiz world goes, according to the latest Forbes list.
Oprah Winfrey Hollywood Oprah's earnings grossed at $324 million according to a list released by Forbes recently. The second in the list is Beyonce who made $89 million. There is a difference of a vast $235 milion between the two. In fact, if the earnings of the next five in the lists are added up, Oprah is still likely to top all of them. The television host is reportedly making more than her rival talk show hosts like David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O' Brien.
Britney Spears occupies the third position with $65 million. Lady Gaga, who is fourth, reported earnings of $64.5 million. Her money has pushed Madonna to the fifth slot with $59.9 million. Miley Cyrus is the youngest earner in the list at seventh position with a take-in of $48.4 million.
Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are first-timers on the list. Another interesting fact that comes out from the Forbes list is that half of the Hollywood top earners are below 30. Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres also make the list.

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Well Madonna did not release any album or tour, but she still had her projects that lead to make the list such as the Material Girl line,


I agree Alex :)

angel love

I've noticed that Beyonce has been earning in the $80's for the past few years. That girl is makin' money honey!! And as for Gaga, I'm sure she'll be able to kick back one day and still pull in the money like Madonna is doing now. All these women on the list are doing amazing. Bravo to them all!


That's a lot of money. And Miley Cyrus is starting to do a "Madonna" by wearing less and less these days. Isn't there anyone trying to do an "Oprah" instead?
Let's face it people like music, and they like a personality to go with it.


Even we do not know how this list is set up (a change of methodology can significantly change the list), it is interesting to note that Madonna is in the top 5 a year during which she does not tour or have a new record.
This is toally ammazing if you consider that the "lady" at the fourth place does not stop to tour this year...

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