Colour pictures from the Dolce & Gabbana campaign
German Magazines: In


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Mike H

Wearing sunglasses to hide her age? Such journalism. It's a D&G campaing, she's freaking _modeling_ _the_ _eyewear_.

Haden Gray

What a hott woman, she is! Looking so good, at 50!


Goddess Madonna


refusing to act her age? wtf is that supposed to mean?? Look at those pictures. Does she look OLD to you? NO. I'm 18, and that woman is STILL younger then me somehow. And wow is she a hottie <3

bobby blue

This is ridiculous... Has someone created a definition of what a 52 year old is supposed to be? I think it's offensive when people say "you look great for your age". It's putting someone in a box.



UGH!!! this is OLD OLD news why are they bringing it all out now?? when there's a whole new D&G campaign out now!! She is banging btw :)even in the leaked photo's

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