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C. Gordon

At first, reading about Lourdes getting her hands on mum's clothes sort of seemed cute, but as time goes by and I hear this reported more and more often, I do start to wonder. I never had ANY desire to borrow my dad's clothes, in my teens!!! It just seems weird. When people are really young, it's fun to dress up in parents clothes (both parents!!!). But as one hits one's teens, one starts to develop one's own personality; developing a sense of one's self. A desire to explore, independent of any adult (especially parents). I do get concerned that there's a whole lot of trouble brewing as Lourdes endlessly seems to latch onto her mother's influence, rather than develop her own identity. She does come across as a bit 'clone' like. I just wonder what's going on there. I also wonder, how much clothing Lourdes REALLY actually takes from her mum's collection, and how much Madonna actually GIVES her to try. Much as I like Madonna, her daughter does seem to have an extreme fondness for her mother's wardrobe. Or at least so Madonna tells us. I'm still waiting to see Lourdes actually wear, in public, anything of Madonna's. Has anyone seen Lourdes actually wear something from Madonna's wardrobe? And I don't mean something of Lourdes' that looks like something from the early eighties, like Madonna's early style. I mean an actual item of clothing that Madonna is known to own? I've not read a single thing about a specific item, seen worn by both of them. Funny how all this goes on 'behind closed doors' then isn't it? If Lourdes really took a shine to an item of her mum's clothing, surely we'd have seen her in it by now? I do wonder, I really do...

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